Small Shop Sunday [Feat: Vazzie Tees]

The shirt that started it all.

April 2016. Brynna was turning seven. I had always been a small shop supporter but really never knew anything about the brand repping side of it. I was searching Etsy as I did every Birthday for the girls. I knew I needed a SEVEN shirt…I came across the Seven & Sassy and I knew that was “the one.” I purchased it from Vazzie Tees Etsy Shop after it arrived I was in love! I took our normal birthday pictures, then of course went to follow the shop on all social media sites because I knew I had to order from them again!

Fast forward about a month later…Vazzie Tees was starting her first ever Brand Rep Search! I was so excited when I saw this…I knew we had to enter! We did and we got selected for a Rep! I had no clue what was about to happen but I was just so excited to work with this amazing small shop that made Brynna’s birthday shirt!

After we got chosen as a rep and I searched around Instagram I came across so many amazing brand rep accounts…I never even knew this was a thing! So I decided Brynna needed her own Instagram that I would manage of course. So I started 0 followers…I had no clue what I was getting myself into but I was up for the challenge, and this new adventure!

We were sent our first shirt, snapped some pics, edited them and posted them on Brynna’s new Instagram account. We were officially a brand rep! We went from 0 followers to now having 11.2K in over a year. I really owe it all to this amazing small shop! We started this journey together, her first Brand Rep Search and our first time ever entering. We love “working” with this shop.

A little about this amazing small shop! They are a family owned business. Annie & Eddie are the owners and I cannot express enough how amazing they are to work with! Annie creates and designs while taking care of all the customers! Eddie is the production guru ensuring the utmost quality products and designs are being produced!

If you are in love with this small shop as much as I am I recommend following them on Instagram and checking our their Website Use Code: BRYNNA15 to save on your purchase! They offer Newborn sizes up to Adult! They even make Mommy and Daddy shirts too!

Interested in working with us? Send us an Email. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook

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