“It’s a country song that takes you home again….”

I truly believe that the kind of music you listen to is more than a reflection of your taste. It’s a reflection of who you are.

There’s the part of me who will still smile at the sound of Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” no matter how many times I have heard it.

Country music is part of the reason why this blog is named “Boots Bows and Beaches”

Let me explain…if you aren’t already in love with country music, that’s okay. There are many of us who are and we will eventually convince you to change your mind. I mean what’s not to love?!

Country Music

Country music, while this may sound silly has brought some amazing friends into my life. It has been my stress relief, my happiness, and a way to find words when my soul can’t speak them. I know the words to a lot of country music songs can be about silly things, but most are dominated by a profound sense of gratitude and love. There is so much emphasis on family, life, love, and so much story telling. I mean there is just something so infectious about a happy, upbeat country tune. No matter who you are or what you value in your life, there is always a way to relate to any country song in some way. For everyone good country song I know, I have a memory attached to it. Good or bad.

I think something that we can all agree on no matter which genre of music you listen to, there is nothing quite like hearing your favorite songs live and seeing your favorite artist. Concerts give us an escape from our reality. We dance with our best friends and with people we have never met before, who eventually become our friends…sometimes they even become our best friends. There is just something so amazing about thousands of people singing the same song on a dark summer night that makes you all connect.

And can we just talk about the country artists for a second?! They are amazing and they truly make you feel so special. The country music family is so big but it feels so small. They really do care about you and appreciate you. Now I’m not saying other music genre artists aren’t like this but country music artists just have a special place in my heart. From Brynna singing on stage with Chase Rice to Thomas Rhett signing her “late slip” for school. These artists took a second out of their day to make her whole night. Memories that will last a lifetime for her.

So boots- for cowboy boots, bows for the 100’s of bows we own but specifically the #bigwhitebow that started it all. I have learned the best therapy is a road trip, country music and your best friends!


  1. Shannon says:

    I absolutely love this and love you!!!

    1. Jamie says:

      Thanks!! Love you too!!

  2. Gwen says:

    I couldn’t imagine sharing so many amazing life changing memories with anyone else other that my favorite blogger, crazy family and wild friends! Life can’t get any better than that! And let’s not forget how dope all the band members are as well!! Love all my concert friends and family!

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