They say it takes a village..

I’m sure you all know the saying that goes something like “it takes a village to raise a child.” And I truly believe this saying. This morning I realized it more than before. The girls’ elementary school had a little event this morning called “Muffins with Mom” it was just a little event before school started but I couldn’t be there. But thankfully my “village” could be.

I’m so grateful for the people who my daughters will encounter in their lives. After moving 8 hours away from my “village” of family and best friends I never thought in less than 3 years that I would have already created a new village…a different village. These women I’d only just come to know in the past year have become my sounding board, my confidants, my friends…my village. Our children are the same age, they will hopefully continue through school together, and eventually graduate high school together, while all us mamas sit and bawl our eyes out.

So when these amazing mama’s took my girls’ to Muffins with Mom this morning I was so very thankful. My heart was so full with love, and a little sadness that I couldn’t be there. I am so grateful for the connections we have made since moving. I truly depend on my village that is by my side on a daily basis, and I hope they know they can depend on me when they can not be around. I could not do it without them. Raising children is definitely a journey and it is one that needs plenty of support. So find your village and love them hard!

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