Passing on the torch aka our elves

Now that Thanksgiving is officially behind us the first words I hear out of my 8 year olds mouth are “I wonder when our elves our coming back?” Yes we have TWO elves…Oh those elves, can’t they just stay in the North Pole for a little while longer please?? This will be our fifth year with our elves on the shelf and I have decided I am passing on the “torch” to my 10-year-old. She came to me about a month ago confessing she knew that I was in charge of all things “magical” so we made a deal, she keeps her mouth shut & doesn’t tell her sister and she can be in charge of the elves. She was super excited and I am super relieved. While I admit I was a little sad she doesn’t believe anymore, I am secretly so excited that I don’t have to worry about these elves for the next month!

When Sally arrived for the first time 5 years ago.

Since I believe it will probably be the last year with our Elves I am going to show you some of my favorite Elf shenanigans from the last five years.

Rudolph Noses
This is probably hands down my favorite one ever. I had to sneak into their rooms in the middle of the night and colored their noses red like Rudolph so when they woke up in the morning they went and saw their face. One of the best reactions from both of them in 5 years.

Brynna did it
Playing tricks on Brynna was always so much fun…I mean she is the child that causes the most trouble so it just seems right. Sally turned over the cereal box and blamed it on Brynna. Her face is the best.

First let me take a selfie
I printed out pictures of Sally and replaced all the pictures of the kids with pictures of her. The girls thought it was hilarious.

The year Kirby visited
This year my family, and my cousin’s family all spent the weekend at my mom’s house. My cousin’s elf traveled along of course, him and Sally decided to have a photo shoot on my camera.

Our first year at the beach
This was our first year living at the beach and Sally came dressed as a mermaid with this awesome Mermaid Tail from Fergs Nest on Etsy. This is also the year that Sammy arrived.

Spider Webs
We had a spider lying around from Halloween decorations. I wrapped the elves in cheese cloth, then hung then from our ceiling fan.

Pie Face
This one was so easy and fun because if any of your kids are like mine they are obsessed with the Pie Face game. The elves played Pie Face and made a mess in the process. The girls loved it and of course wanted to play after they seen the game was out.

These are my favorites from the last 5 years. I know feelings are strong with this Elf on the Shelf situation, either you love it or hate it there is really no in between. My kids have absolutely loved having them around the past 5 years and most of my friends and family have enjoyed watching our elf shenanigans over social media. I can’t wait to see what Mackenzie comes up with this year for our elves. Mama is officially off elf duty. Its kinda bittersweet really. Maybe now I can get some chores done around the house, or go to sleep without worrying about elf mischief.

Ok, so drinking wine isn’t a chore, but still. To all a goodnight.

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