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For the past six years one of my favorite parts of getting ready for Christmas is the photo ideas we come up with for our Christmas cards. Over the past six years my husband and I have had a really fun time making our Christmas cards…along with the kids help too. I mean who doesn’t love an excuse to get silly with our families? I hope some of these will inspire your family to produce your own funny Christmas card photos.


Our first year of attempting a funny picture and I think it turned out so cute. Hang the kids upside down and voila perfect picture and so easy. This one needs to be done before the kids are too big because once they are a certain age and size there is no way you can hang them upside down. Believe me.


Another cute picture focused more on the kids than us. Brynna of course upside down because she is the wild one. We went with untraditional Christmas colors but still tried to stay with the red and green (teal) colors.


This one may just be my favorite. Duct tape and tied up in string lights. Brynna’s chalkboard says “I really did try” so it’s basically saying she did this to us. It turned out so fun and fits our whole theme of Brynna being the wild one. We had to have help for this one but still very easy to set up.


Our first year living at the beach…this one was a no brainer. We had to do a beach picture because it was a first year living here and had to send cards back to all our family in Maryland. We got a small tree and decorated it in beach themed decorations. I’m not sure my family dealing with lots of snow in Maryland were very impressed with getting this one in the mail that year.


The sand snowman. We built a snowman out of sand and dressed the girls in retro bathing suits. Another one of my faves. This one we just had the girls in it because the snowman was so big we decided that the girls and snowman were good enough for the family photo.

Drumroll please…

Another beach picture, but this time with a twist. If you have kids and you have ever tried to have a nice relaxing day on the beach, well we all know that doesn’t happen. So we buried them, threw some antlers on them and now they are stuck. Time for mama and daddy to enjoy some wine and beer with no interruptions from the kids. This one was probably the easiest…the kids didn’t have to smile, they couldn’t move and we got to drink beer and wine. Win win for all.

I love sending these in the mail, and I’m pretty sure my friends and family love receiving them. I’d like to think they do anyway. Which one is your favorite? Do you send out Christmas cards every year?


  1. Tracy says:

    Omgggggg!!! These are all fantastic!!!!

    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you!!

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