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Are you constantly looking for ways to get your kids outside and active? I know I am! I get so tired of seeing their eyes glued to some kind of electronic device, I know some of you can relate….right? I recently found a shop called The Idea Box Kids that can help with getting rid of some screen time and get your kids outside and exploring!

So, whats an Idea Box?

An Idea Box is a little box filled with wood coins that hold activities, ideas, chores, story starters and more…depending on the theme of your Idea Box.

Your child will love reaching into the box and pulling out a coin. Not only is it a surprise every single time…it’s also secretly educational!

We looked through all the different boxes and decided to go with the Scavenger Hunt Box. The girls thought this would be a lot of fun to get because they love scavenger hunts and this would be the perfect excuse for me to get the kids outside! The box came when my niece and nephew were visiting, they are 13 and 14. So it was my girls, who are 8 & 10, and the older two. They had asked to open the box and all FOUR of them wanted to have a scavenger hunt! This box is clearly fun for all ages, and it was a great way to spend the afternoon. We added a little competition to it and voila we had an educational, yet fun activity that didn’t involve any sort of electronic device! They all enjoyed searching for the items on the coins and I enjoyed seeing what they came up with. Some of the items they went inside to find, but as long as they were thinking and exploring I didn’t care!

The scavenger hunt box encourages children to think, observe what is in nature, and is also an opportunity for them to learn! This scavenger hunt will definitely get their creativity flowing, and get them thinking outside the box.

There are a variety of different boxes that you can choose, ranging from Holidays, Playing, and even helping out around the house. If you haven’t checked out The idea Box Kids yet please do so, you won’t regret it! You can save 10% off your own box if you use code: beingbrynnaFF10 at checkout!

Clearly everyone enjoyed this Idea Box, even Copper!

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