10 gifts for 10 year old girls | Handpicked by my 10 year old

If you’re totally confused about what to buy that tween girl in your life, please know that you’re not alone. Not quite teens, but not little kids anymore it’s such a hard in-between age. I asked Mackenzie, my 10-year-old to help me come up with a list of items that most girls her age would like to receive for Christmas this year.

Top 10 Gift Ideas

This is her top gift ideas for 5th grade tween girls. Mackenzie also wanted me to know that “all girls aren’t the same…some girls like sports, games, and some are very girly.” With that being said I asked her to come up with some ideas that she thinks mostly any type of girl in 5th grade would enjoy. This is her list.

1. Good Headphones

This was her top pick. Like most tween girls, Kenzie is obsessed with her headphones and ear buds. This was on the top of her Christmas list this year also. Maybe it’s because her sister is so loud and we have a beagle that never stops barking. Either way, Mackenzie says this is a must for a 5th grade girl. The one on her Christmas list this year are found here. Wireless Devil Horn Headphones They are wireless, color changing and the horns are removable! They even come in cat ear, bunny, and bear!

2. Cat Ear Headbands

The perfect complement for any outfit. Mackenzie is obsessed with cat ear headbands. Her favorite pair is from Justice they have multiple styles and colors! You can find them here Cat Ear Headband

3. Bath Bombs

What girl….or mom doesn’t love a nice bath with a relaxing or just fun bath bomb? I know Mackenzie loves to take a bath with these and it gives her some alone time away from her sister.
Carol and Grace is one of our favorite places to buy bath bombs. They have a variety of different scents, oils, and therapeutic benefits! You can buy them here Carol and Grace and use code: BEINGBRYNNA for a discount!

4. Flip Sequin

Flip sequin is all the rage around here. If you don’t know what flip sequin means it’s an item where the sequins are one color or pattern on one side, and then you can move your hand across the sequins and flip them to the other side where they make another color or pattern. You can find the flip sequin on pretty much any item nowadays. They are found on pillows, headbands, bracelets, clothing, phone cases, and much more.

5. Nail Polish

Nail polish is a no brainer. I don’t think it matters what age you are everyone loves a good nail polish. This specific brand Kenzie picked is a Holo type of nail polish, which means you can see rainbows when it is in the light. It can be found here Live Love Polish they have many different colors to choose from!

6. Slime Kit

As much as I don’t want to add this to the list, I have to. Every child I know is obsessed with slime making. This kit is perfect because it’s not very expensive and it includes “everything you need” to make your own slime. We found this at Wal-Mart

7. Gaming Chair

This one may not be for all girls, but if your 5th grader is into gaming this will be a perfect gift for them! This chair is compatible with your favorite hand-held and desktop electronic devices, it has built-in speakers is a must for gaming parties, movie viewing and more. This specific chair can be found at PB Teen

8. Squishies

Squishes are basically a stress ball but slow rising. Mackenzie loves these and so do most girls in her class. They come in all sizes and designs, they are great to play with, cute and just fun to collect! We found ours at Silly Squishies .

9. Onesies

These pjs are so cozy and cute! They’re fun, whimsical and great for PJ parties or just hanging out having a movie night at home. Mackenzie loves the onesies this year and would put every one on her list if she could, and then never take them off once she got them. Justice has so many different styles to choose from and they are so adorable!

10. Anything Holographic

Mind-blowing holographic items are a must in Mackenzie’s book. They feature iridescent color and prism-like effects. She loves anything that is holo and she told me that a lot of girls in her class do too! The shoes from Justice are on her Christmas list this year. They feature the holographic design and flip sequin! Win win!


  1. Shannon Kornek says:

    Awesome list!!! I even would love some of that for myself!!

    1. Jamie says:

      Me too! She picked some fun stuff!!

  2. Isabel says:

    Oh my goodness those shoes! Holographic design and flip sequin shoes… Where can I get them? Cant find them in justice 🙁

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