Traveling with Tweens | Our Royal Caribbean cruise: Part 1

Part 1

We are fresh off our amazing 7 day cruise on Oasis of the Seas. Yes, I am going to dedicate three entire blog posts to the awesome-ness that is the The Royal Caribbean. Anything and everything you would want to do while on vacation is available on this ship. A Royal Caribbean cruise is a great choice for your family vacation, especially if you have tweens. Both you and your children can enjoy plenty of fun at sea and on shore. Trust me when I tell you, there is no way your kids will ever be bored on this ship.

Tweens and Traveling

In the first part of this blog let’s talk about traveling with tweens. I was not sure how my iPhone addicted tween girls would deal with being unplugged and disconnected from their friends for an entire week. As a parent, tweens certainly present you with a whole new set of challenges, traveling with them brings even more challenges. With my girls there always has to be lots and lots and lots to do. It seems as much as my husband and I want to be relaxing with a drink in our hand by the pool, the girls want to be doing something. They certainly don’t crave down time. Thankfully, Royal Caribbean offers an award-winning range of kids’ clubs called Adventure Ocean.

Adventure Ocean

Adventure Ocean, located on Deck 14 Forward, was our first stop after visiting our cabin once we boarded. Both girls were eager to see the club and get registered! The Adventure Ocean program, is separated into age groups. The Aquanauts, ages 3 to 5; Explorers, ages 6 to 8, and Voyagers, ages 9 to 11. The girls were going to be separated and at first they seemed excited about this, but it only took one night away from us for Brynna to ask to be with her sister. Since she was close to the Voyager age group they let us sign a special request for her to be in the same level as Mackenzie. This made me feel a bit more relaxed about leaving them, but after one day in the club together they practically begged me to take them daily to Adventure Ocean. The moment they woke up they were asking if they could go. The club became a daily hang out spot for my daughters during the duration of our cruise. Alongside the regular age-appropriate rooms, there is also a Science Lab, a cinema and an Imagination Studio for arts and crafts. Plenty to do for all ages!


On Days at Sea, the club has three separate sessions: 9am-noon, 2pm-5pm, and 6:45pm-10pm. There is even a “Late Night Party Zone” from 10pm-2am for a $7 per hour fee. But to our surprise we were given a coupon book with Two Complimentary Hours in the Late Night Party Zone. Many other people also got this same coupon and didn’t have kids with them. These folks were nice enough to give us their coupon also, we ended up with at least 10 coupons. Which meant a lot of “free” Late Night Party passes!

On days in port, the sessions start as early as the ship arrives in port. They will take your kids to lunch and dinner for you in the Windjammer Cafe on port days, so you could be off the ship all day without worrying about rushing back to feed the kids. The girls loved this, they wanted to eat with their new friends instead of us!


The freedom the kid’s club allows parents is really unbeatable. We planned our days around when to eat with the kids, since most days we are not at port and they have no choice but to eat with us (it was torture for them believe me, haha). We could plan adult only shows around the sessions and didn’t have to worry about them. Our girls would happily disappear to the Kid’s Club from 9am until 10pm every night, without even saying “bye” at the door. I’m happy to say that Royal Caribbean’s Adventure Ocean has exceeded my expectations!

Stay tuned for Part 2 to read about more of our cruise adventures!

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