Traveling with Tweens | Labadee, Haiti: Part 2

Labadee, Haiti is Royal Caribbean’s private island. It is absolutely a dream and definitely a port you do not want miss on your cruise!

Labadee, Haiti
Labadee is located on the northern coast of Haiti surrounded by beautiful mountain slopes and exotic foliage. It is a private resort leased exclusively to Royal Caribbean through 2050. Labadee features beautiful beaches, shopping and lots of activities for kids of all ages!

Labadee, HaitiBeaches

Labadee has four beaches: Adrenaline Beach, Columbus Cove, Nellie’s Beach and Barefoot Beach. The beach that you think is the best will depend on what activities you and your family will enjoy most. Barefoot Beach is reserved for suite guests of Royal Caribbean. Columbus Cove is the beach we headed to after taking a short tram ride to the back of the island. This area is almost at the end of this beautiful place but well worth the walk or tram ride. Columbus Cove seemed to have the least amount of people, maybe because it is the farthest away from the ship? We didn’t mind that’s for sure. There are lots of palm trees that provide shade, a local music group, and it was only steps away from a bar and the Columbus Cove café.
The water was crystal clear and pretty warm for January. This beach is definitely nicer for swimming and relaxing, and it is close to the Aqua Park. Once you find the beach that suits you best, it is time to sit back, relax, and order a few rounds of Labadoozies, the island’s signature drink. These frozen cocktails were definitely our favorite drink. And if you have a beverage package, it works on the island too! Score!

Labadee, HaitiActivities

There are many different activities on the island, including a zip line, aqua park, tours, beach coaster and more. All of these activities you will pay extra for. Some may sell out, so if it’s a priority, be sure to book in advance.
Arawak Aqua Park is the one thing our daughters had asked us to do so we knew we needed to get a good spot in Columbus Cove so we could be close to the water park. The Arawak Aqua Park is actually the largest water park in the Caribbean, which incorporates artificial icebergs, water slides, giant floating trampolines and log rolls. The aqua park is $20 per person for one hour and they have reserved spots so that the park doesn’t get too crowded. Our daughters enjoyed the aqua park and one hour was plenty because it is a lot more work than expected, but they also burned a lot of energy too!

Labadee, Haiti

Artisan’s Village

The main road to Columbus Cove takes you right through Artisan’s Village. Artisan’s Village is made up of individual stalls where guests can purchase different crafts, artwork and souvenirs from local vendors. You can skip it using the footpath from Nellie’s Beach, or take the shuttle. Be prepared if you decide to purchase from the local vendors or artists. Out of all of our stops, the Haitian vendors were the most aggressive and really pushed for a sell. That is the only thing I wish was different in this port, I know everyone needs to make a living but they were a little too aggressive for my liking.

Whatever you do…do NOT miss Labadee!
Our time in Labadee, Haiti was amazing. We spent most of the day relaxing on the beach after the girls did their Aqua Park excursion. This is definitely one port of call that you will not want to miss! The pictures do not do it justice!

Labadee, Haiti
Labadee, HaitiHave you ever traveled to Labadee, Haiti? What’s your favorite thing to do while there?

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