Bows from the Beach | Featuring Bo the Llamacorn

I’m pretty sure the minute my girls were born they had a bow on their head. Mackenzie very rarely wears them anymore, but if you know Brynna you know there’s hardly ever a moment when she doesn’t have one in her hair.

Back in May, May 25th to be exact, we went to a Chase Rice concert at The House of Blues. Brynna’s outfit consisted of her boots, and the now famous (in our world) big white bow. The bow is from the JoJo Siwa collection. Brynna got to meet Chase Rice and he brought her up on stage with him to sing! She became “kinda” famous (her words) around our little circle of friends. Ever since that day the bow has went everywhere with us, everyone says it’s good luck. After that night we have heard so many times “there’s the girl with the big white bow”. So from that moment on it’s been a staple in her wardrobe.

Now that you have some history behind the bow, let me introduce you to Bo, the Llamacorn. Bo is a beacon of positivity who spreads happiness and love wherever she goes! Bo is inspiring girls to perform acts of positivity in their communities. She has inspired my girls too, which is the reason for this post.

Bows make us happy and they remind us of so many fun memories. Now we want to spread the happiness with others. We want to give girls who are less fortunate, who may not have the money for a bow the opportunity to wear one to school or to give a little girl who is sick in the hospital a reason to smile. That’s how we came up with Bows from the Beach. Sending bows to bring smiles to others and of course they are coming from the beach.

The girls came up with this idea and gave me the rest of their leftover Christmas money to buy the supplies we needed. We went to the beach and hand-picked some beautiful seashells, then picked up some postcards to attach also. The girls then wrote some positive notes on the back of the postcards. We wrapped them all up and they are ready to be mailed out. We all spent our Saturday morning putting together these little packages. Their cousin even helped too! It was such a nice way to get everyone involved.

I hope that this little act of kindness can bring a big smile to some beautiful faces. Hopefully we can spread some happiness and bring a bit of positivity to their lives.

If you know a little girl who would love to receive a package from us please feel free to send me an email so we can get that sent to them.

Now it’s your turn! We’re challenging YOU to Live Positively every day. Small acts of positivity can bring on big changes. Share how you spread kindness, give back & help others using #LiveJustice


  1. Shannon says:

    What a great idea!!! Way to go girls!

    1. Jamie says:

      Thanks!! So proud of them!

  2. Lynn fagan says:

    Such a thoughtful, giving idea. Can you please tell me how to obtain the Llamavorn cutouts? Thank you

  3. Jamie says:

    Justice sent them to us to use to promote, I’m not sure if they have any available for sell.

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