Win A Sand Proof Beach Blanket from Lewonde!

We love the beach, I mean we moved here so we better love it right? But one thing we don’t love about it is all the sand we bring home with us. Now that we have found this sand proof beach blanket we don’t have to worry about that!

Sand Proof

This blanket is made from nylon material and it keeps the sand from embedding. The sand will not stick on the blanket and can be shaken off easily. There is no more worrying about taking sand into your car and house. Not only is this fabric breathable and light, but the water beads up and rolls off, and if there is any water that may stay behind it will dry VERY FAST.

Sand Proof Beach Blanket

The blanket is as large as a queen size comforter. It was the ability to accommodate the entire family or 5 adults easily, and a Great Dane puppy. No matter you are on beach or lawn, you can lounge comfortably on this soft and silky outdoor gear for all activities such as picnics, ball games, BBQ, park dates, hiking, camping, concert, festival, even star-gazing!

There is a handy bag attached to it so you can just roll it back up and fold it into the bag. It has four fillable pockets and four attachment loops so can be sure this blanket isn’t going to blow away. Simply fill the pockets with sand, rocks or anything near to keep it in place. Nothing available? No problem! They also include four metal stakes that are perfect for those windy beach days!

Sand Proof Beach Blanket

You can purchase the Lewonde Sand Proof Beach Blanket from Amazon and you can save 30% off now with CODE: BHBPIIBB

Would you love to win your own beach blanket? I’ve got one to giveaway! Enter
HERE. Contest runs from Feb 9-16th. The winner will be randomly picked on Feb.17th.

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