Making Memories at Pirate’s Voyage: The Most Fun Place To Eat!

Remember, childhood only lasts 10-12 years. There’s a lot that has to be squeezed in to make for a lifetime of happy memories.

Think back to your childhood for a minute. What are some of your favorite memories as a kid?

Spending time with family is one of the most important parts of life, but let’s face it, life gets busy. Family time can easily be neglected with busy schedules, daily routines, and let’s not forget Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook documenting our every move. We all need to unplug and enjoy each other. I believe that one of life’s simplest pleasures is to share an experience with our loved ones. The great thing is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything complicated.

Pirate’s Voyage Dinner and a Show. The Most Fun Place to Eat!

If you want incredible family fun without worrying about the kids being on their cell phones, then this is it! Believe me, they won’t even care about what’s happening on social media while they are here! The show is filled with adventure, laughs and amazing stunts that is sure to please everyone in the whole family.

Pirate’s Village

The adventure starts an hour before your show time with a pre-show where you get a taste of what your pirate life will be. The whole room is filled with a pirate sing-along with the words projected on the screen, so you’re sure to catch on fast! There are many activities to enjoy before the main show. Our favorite pre-show activity is the makeover from Blackbeard’s crew! Since this was our second visit, the girls planned their outfits to coordinate with which makeover they were going to receive. Brynna choose a mermaid to match her mermaid vibes shirt, and Mackenzie wanted to be a girl pirate so that’s why she wore a skull shirt! The cost is only $20 which includes accessories, flags for the side you are sitting on, and more. This was a great experience and souvenirs for the kids in a one shot deal!

Pirates Village

Pirates Village

The Show

Get ready for your kids to be amazed, and the adults too! At the Pirate’s Voyage Dinner Show, you’ll watch in awe as pirates jump from ship to ship, swing their swords, and fire off cannons as they compete for the coveted Davey Jones sunken treasure. The performance kept our usually phone obsessed daughters intrigued the whole time! The show comes to life with the sounds of Dolly Parton music, flashing lights, and impressive pyrotechnics. The show also features acrobatic competitions, juggling acts, sea lions, tropical birds, beautiful mermaids, and much more! We sat in the front row and had interaction from the pirates doing flips right in front of us. Both of my kids were entertained the entire time.

Pirates Voyage

The best part of the show: a lot of audience participation–more than I expected. The 2 sides of the room are divided into blue and red teams, and there are 2 sets of performers. There are some competitions where kids are picked from the audience to race. The girls were chosen to do the race, and they had a lot of fun with it. My husband even joined in! This is a great way to get everyone involved – we all loved this idea!

Pirate’s Voyage is a great dinner show to take the family to. We are making a rule to do something once a month that is family friendly and where cell phones will not be an interruption or distraction. As a mom, Pirate’s Voyage is a no brainer for a family outing. The smiles on the kids’ faces were the highlight of my evening!

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