“Eight years old…” at House of Blues

Brynna and I dusted our boots off Friday night and headed out to House of Blues to our first concert in what seemed like forever. I think the last concert we attended was in October! That, my friends is a long time for country music junkies like us! Thankfully, Scotty McCreery ended our concert hiatus…is that even a thing?

House of Blues in Myrtle Beach will always have a special place in my heart. Chase Rice and my eight year old singing on stage. Need I say more? So to say we are always excited when country artists are at The House of Blues is an understatement. When we found out Scotty McCreery was coming to Myrtle Beach we knew we had to go. Actually, Brynna (my eight year old) screamed and then started singing “Five More Minutes”.

Before you take away my Mom-of-the-Year Award, hear me out. I’m sure some of y’all are thinking “she’s taking her eight year old to a concert?!” Let me just say Brynna is no stranger to concerts. She loves them, she actually begs me to go. Of course I’m always nervous about taking her to venues we have never been to before but The House of Blues is a place I know that I will never have to worry about. The security is top notch…or should i say “Top Flyte” and the rest of staff is amazing. The 2,000-capacity Music Hall is the most intimate venue I have ever been to. I feel the size of the venue is critical when bringing kids to a concert. House of Blues is just big enough for them to feel like they’re at a big show, and small enough for them to feel right in the middle of all the action.

She was so excited that she got a signed picture of Scotty from one of the Gator 107.9 guys. That smile says it all!

Every concert at House of Blues will have different age limits depending on the show. Of course, Scotty McCreery was an all ages show, which means that anyone of any age is welcome. Yes even eight year olds. Fans of all ages from elderly to young children and everything in between came out to see him perform. His hometown is Garner, NC which is about 3 hours away so I’m sure he had a lot of friends and family drive to Myrtle Beach to see him last night. It was pretty awesome to see the crowd that Scotty brought out!

So, lets talk about Scotty. I’m sure you remember him from Season 10 of American Idol, where his 2011 victory propelled him to fame. Last night he did not disappoint his fans. He is one of very few contestants on American Idol who I remember along with the other country artists Lauren Alaina, Kellie Pickler and of course Carrie Underwood. He definitely proved tonight he is way more than just an Idol winner. Scotty’s high energy on stage make his live show worth experiencing time and time again!

One of the most memorable parts of the night was when Scotty performed “Five More Minutes” for the first time live as the #1 single on the country charts. He told the emotional story behind the song and really pulled the crowd in. I’m sure Scotty was full of emotions himself when the whole crowd started singing his song back to him.

We attend concerts for the music and experience, and based on that alone, Scotty McCreery definitely succeeded. I think about it this way, in a few years Brynna is not going to want to be hanging out with her mama at concerts. It’s a bonding experience and I love spending time with her doing what we love.

Have you ever taken your kids to a concert? What was your experience?

DISCLAIMER: I was a guest of House of Blues and received complimintary tickets. This did not affect my story; opinions are my own.


  1. Tracy says:

    Awesome! I don’t think taking your child to a concert is any different than taking them to a sporting event. Ethan went to his first Cavs game when he was 3 months old. Good for you mama! You’re building memories and a bond that will last a lifetime!

    1. Jamie says:

      Thanks so much! I agree and she has a blast. Of course I am aware of my surroundings but we should always be anywhere we are at!

  2. Shannon Kornek says:

    He certainly put on an awesome show!! You’re right, House of Blues is a great venue for kids! There were several I talked to last night. Some veterans and one that it was her first show. She was so excited. As for my daughter, once she got bitten by the concert bug, there’s no turning back now!

  3. Jenny says:

    We go to MB at least once per year – I’ve never thought to check this out as something to do with the kids!! Thanks!!

  4. Eric Bash says:

    DISCLAIMER: I was a guest of House of Blues and received complimintary tickets. This did not affect my story; opinions are my own.

    Fair statement and solid to include it but it absolutely DID affect your story and that isn’t a bad thing and you aren’t wrong for it being so.

    Of course the staff is going to feel nicer and more familial when you walk in on the house under some sort of feeling of VIP. Which. let’s face it while this wasn’t the Grammys; when you walk in the door there is a little sway in the step because hey, I matter, I am a VIP and we are being taken care of tonight.

    Again all normal.

    Just I would rather get a different take on your experiences at shows. So far it seems to me that a big focus for you is the photo aspect, and making sure the shirts stand out and it’s all to gain a little more traction on social media and send more traffic here and I get it.

    But it takes away from the organic FUN.

    Your daughter isn’t feeling some real moments. She is coming in on free passes, strolling up to meet and greets, getting pics with the talent, merch, getting on stage.

    All of which is awesome and I am glad she or any child enjoys it but there will come a day this won’t happen for her.

    Maybe not, heck let’s hope I am wrong and she is a bigger star heck all your kids just make it massive. Seriously, i don’t wish for failure on even my enemies so I want good for you guys.

    But if your kids didn’t get to do a meet and greet, didn’t leave with a basket of merch or to get on stage; would they have had just as good of a time and would they be as happy?

    Ask yourself that. Forget the hashtags and thinking of which outfit is going to make your selfies gain more traction or how better to get attention of blue checks on Twitter and on on and and just dive into the show and escape.

    Forget about this audience.

    Be a part of the audience watching that show instead of making sure every move is about your own show so to speak. You all are shortchanging your concert experiences a little bit is all by this incessant need for red carpets and it just seems off.

    Doesn’t hurt that in your article on mean fans at a show you had to let everyone know it didn’t break your bank to get some Meet and Greets.

    That is incredibly arrogant. You do realize there are people who can buy and sell you and you wouldn’t feel too good of yourself if they sort of sneered at you to let you know money is no thing to them.

    I just see a whole lot of a want to be the stars in your selfies with the celebs and it makes me ask why you want the photos because not one of your celeb selfies is an organic natural photo of people having fun.

    They all are sort of using your kid and slinging some boots on her or a shirt with something on it and to sort of use your child again to seek out more traction online or anything else.

    Heck maybe I am all the way wrong but I doubt it. Confident people don’t break down in Wal Mart over losing a social media page and I certainly wouldn’t want to post photos of my 9 year old children just to their lives can be content for strangers and help mommy advertise her “brand” online.

    So may you have more fun than you have been having. Forget the cameras and worrying about the next post and just live in those moments. You’re right the day sooner will come when she won’t want to go to a show with mom.

    One day she will again. We all do that. Parents are uncool until we grow up enough to become uncool too and realize how it’s way cooler to hang with them than what we did anyhow.

    But it would be nice if her memories were more of the times with mom and less about being content for a blog and which outfit must be worn and every other tiring aspect that strips away the fun and makes it a chore.

    Yep this was a book and I won’t return to discuss as I am not seeking to troll or argue. I have my point of view, you are free to disagree vehemently but deep down you know good and well those song lyrics on the shirts for “Ball Cap” wasn’t done organically.

    It was a way to seek to stand out more and to then maybe draw more attention from Dylan Scott and then hope to draw more attention online as the other mommies comment how “stinkin cute those shirts are while being secretly jealous they aren’t doing the same things.

    Just these aren’t real pictures meant to excitedly get close to people who have created art you care deeply about.

    They are photos meant to show you do VIP things, get close to the talent and to make people think you are living a life more glamorous or exciting.

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