Big Beds for Big Dogs

Great Danes are kind giants that come in one size only… XXL! As a brand new owner of a Great Dane we learned fast that finding certain things in his size is not easy.

Owning one of these dogs means preparing yourself for big changes in your everyday life. We got Doak when he was almost 9 weeks old. I am wondering how our little puppy has turned into such a big boy so fast! The tiny bed we got him when we brought him home is no longer big enough for our 40lb puppy!

We did so much research on these “gentle giants” after we brought Doak home. It seems one of the biggest concerns from owners of Great Danes…and other large breed dogs is that these extra-large breeds often suffer from joint damage, hip dysplasia, and arthritis because of their enormous size. This will become a problem later in life. For this reason, we decided Doak had to have the most supportive, high-quality bed. That is why we chose Bully Beds.

Big Beds for Big Dogs

Bully Beds are made with high quality orthopedic memory foam that is non-toxic. They even provide a specially designed waterproof cover that zips onto the foam forming a protective layer between the foam and the cover. Other brands charge extra for this cover, when you buy a Bully Bed it’s included with your purchase! This is perfect for those puppies that can’t make it through the night just yet! This means that the bed will stay safe and dry!

Bully Beds are built like no other large-breed dog bed. Each one is made from 7 inches of quality, 4.5-pound memory and support foam designed to completely cradle your pup for a long time. Bully Beds are guaranteed to hold their shape and stability for 10 years. If not they will even replace it!

I highly recommend you check out their website. They have different styles of dog beds so you are sure to find one that meets your standards and your Gentle Giant will love! And maybe even your kid, my daughter made herself at home with Doak on his new bed!

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