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Olive oil is staple in our kitchen, and up until recently, I figured all olive oil was pretty much the same. Turns out I was wrong! European olive oil provides the largest variety of flavors on the market due to climate, soil and time of harvest, making European olive oil the best kind to keep stocked in your pantry for every occasion and recipe.

olive oil

We use EVOO almost daily. One thing we love using it for is our chicken on the grill.
For those of you who don’t know what EVOO is, it stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, & there’s a TON of brands out there now. Today I want to talk about a campaign for EVOO that was recently introduced to me. It’s called the Flavor Your Life campaign and well… it truly does bring some flavor to your life!

The Flavor Your Life campaign was created to help educate North American consumers on authentic, European olive oils. In the age of technology, more and more people are interested in learning about the products that we all consume. Driven by the European Union, Unaprol, and the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Flavor Your Life is a credible source of information on all things European olive oil.

Olive Oil

I have to admit, I never knew how intricate Olive Oil can be:

  • It is made by pressing without heat or chemicals, known as first cold pressed. So it’s actually a freshly pressed juice of olives.
  • Acidity must be below 0.8%. This means it is virtually free of acidity. Did you know? Higher levels of acidity in Olive Oil indicate improper production and rancidity.
  • Trained by the International Oil Council, expert tasters test for taste defects and presence of positive attributes of fruitiness, bitterness and spiciness. It won’t pass the extra virgin test if it doesn’t have the signature fruity taste and balance.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a high smoking point of 400F. Therefore, it is suitable for cooking and can enhance any dish as a finisher by drizzling it on top.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains vitamin E, polyphenols and other natural antioxidants that, when consumed, combat waste produced by metabolism (free radicals). This has been attributed to longevity and good health.

olive oil

The difference in taste between my usual olive oil brand and the Zucchi sample I received was unbelievable. The brand we normally use is very bland, that is what I thought was normal and what I thought olive oil was supposed to be. My sample was smooth, light, and even had a hint of sweet. Zucchi is now onto their 7th generation as a family business and is currently run by Giovanni Zucchi, the Blendmaster of Olive Oils. The company is known for their “art of blending” which means that olives from different cultivators and regions are mixed together to make one oil.

Do you use olive oil frequently in your cooking?

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