Perfect Body Board for a Day at the Beach

Even before we lived at the beach, we went to the beach on vacation at least once a year, if not more. My daughters always asked to buy a body board. The ones we always bought were cheaply made and barely made it through the week of our vacation. Now that we live here and are pretty much at the beach every weekend we need a body board that is going to last longer than a week! Thankfully we found the Best Choice Products 41″ Lightweight Bodyboard w/ Coiled Leash and it is perfect!!

This lightweight body board is perfect for a super-fun and smooth body surfing adventure!
A body board makes a day at the beach that much more enjoyable. The Best Choice Products 41″ Lightweight Bodyboard w/ Coiled Leash (Pink) is perfect for any age and skill level.

The slick bottom is perfect for helping you move fast and stay in control as you conquer the ocean! Cheaper body boards do not have the slick bottom, which makes it hard to move fast and stay in control! I also love the fact that I don’t have to worry about them losing the board in the ocean because of the premium coiled leash that is attached! We have been looking for a durable and enjoyable board for my daughters and this one wins!

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