Today you turn Nine.

This day is always bittersweet for of the best and worst days of my life (many years apart) somehow are one day after another.

Nine years ago

Little did I know nine years ago you would come into our lives as a “surprise” and bring so much more. I lost your grandfather on April 14, 2001. Then 8 years later you came into my life a day before that. Unplanned, a huge surprise and actually your scheduled csection date was for April 24th. You never did like someone telling you what to do, even from the beginning. The joy of your birthday makes the pain of losing him a little bit easier. Everything truly does happen for a reason, this proves it.

Today you turn nine, and just like you always have you still continue to challenge me, delight me, and make me fall in love with you all over again, every single day.

They always say your second child is the hardest, and that couldn’t be any truer. I had no idea you would defy me at every available opportunity. I had no idea how much value I had placed on having a “good” child. (Your older sister made things a little too easy for us).

When our family was struggling with the car accident you were so brave. You had to deal with a lot, you were and always have been a very strong little girl. Hopefully those things will be but a forgotten memory. But watching you go through all the trauma at such a young age and still come out smiling shows the world just how amazing you truly are.

You have the most beautiful spirit inside your gorgeous little soul. You are so sweet, funny & I absolutely adore your spunky attitude. You are so much fun to be around (except days when the sass is too much for me to handle) those days just require more wine. Watching you grow up is both exciting and terrifying.

You are turning into such a lovely little lady and it is clear that you have so much to offer this world. There has always been something so special about you and you continue to prove it everyday. Never be a mean girl. Treat everyone with kindness and sincerity. You’re friends love you, always treat people the way you want to be treated.

But always remember even if you are 9, you are not too big to curl up in your mama’s lap for a cuddle. You are loved by so many people who want you to shine.

Your sister’s your best friend. (most days)

Your puppies are a close second.

Your Daddy, is your biggest protector.

And I’m your biggest cheerleader. Now and forever.

Happy 9th Birthday to our beautiful Brynna Paige.


  1. Shannon Kornek says:

    This brought tears to my eyes!!!! Watching your babies grow on the blink of an eye makes you try to cherish every moment. Brynna has only been in our lives a short time, but she is just an amazing girl, full of life with a big heart!! She has become a great friend to Alex and I cherish that!!

    1. Jamie says:

      Thank you! We love you guys!! Xoxo

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