Get Summer Ready with Sun-In

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Every teenage girl from the 90’s knows what’s up with Sun In. This was the fastest, most efficient way to lighten up your hair, and the next best thing when your parents were absolutely against taking you to get highlights at the salon. A trip to the beach or pool was hardly complete without it.


Sun-In is the original sun-activated hair lightener. Cost-effective and easy to find, Sun In can be purchased in two scents (Lemon and Tropical Breeze) at Walmart. I always loved using Sun-In as a kid, and I knew my daughter’s would love using it too.

Sun-In uses a mix of hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice to give you the same natural highlights you get from the sun – only faster. All you have to do is apply it to your hair, then hit it with heat – either by sitting out in the sun for 30+ minutes or using a hair dryer. Easy enough, right?


Here is a photo of my daughter’s hair before we went to the pool today. Her hair was dark blonde already.

Here is a photo after Sun-In. I sprayed it in before we went to the pool today and just let it in her hair while she was outside all day.

You can even just hit their strands with a blow dryer it will have the same effect. Her new color has a lot more blonde now and this was just with one application! My favorite thing is that it conditions as it lightens, which is a lifesaver for me because we all know how horrible combing after pool hair can be! Sun-in really brings out your natural lighter color.  But, don’t expect your hair to be bleach blonde if you have black hair, not going to happen.


The whole process takes all of 5 minutes and isn’t messy at all, which are just a few things I love.

Sun-In is heat activated, so you can either spray it and then spend some time in the sun, or dry your hair with a hair dryer.

You can repeat the process until you achieve your desired look.

Sun-In is recommended for natural blonde to medium brown non color-treated hair. Be cautious of reddish results if you have darker hair!


I’m impressed that it worked this well after only one time. I can’t wait to see how much it lightens her hair throughout the Summer. You can pick this product up in the hair dye section of Walmart or order it online here for just a few bucks! You’ll have a new look and be Summer ready in no time!

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