Making Ugly Crying Pretty Feat: Member’s Mark Brand Tissue

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I received product and compensation from Sam’s Club as part of a sponsored program for Member’s Mark Brand 2-ply Facial Tissue. All opinions are my own.
Let’s face it, with the school year coming to a close someone (or everyone) has had the flu by now, for sure. This flu season has definitely been one for the books, without a doubt. And if you are like me, you’ll be doing a lot of exhausted, ugly-crying in the next month. It’s always good to be prepared. So if I had to give a pearl of wisdom to any bus drivers, or anyone in the educational field it would be to stock up on Member’s Mark Brand 2-ply Facial Tissue  from Sam’s Club because you will definitely use it. 

Members Mark Brand Tissue

Running out of essentials like tissues can be a pain when you are short on time. Whether you pick it up via the in-club Scan & Go App, online at or in store. Sam’s Club makes it easy for you to stock up. This makes my life so much easier, which is vital when dealing with sick kids! Make sure to look for it in the Household Paper Aisle when shopping in store.

Sam's Club Member's Mark Tissues

Speaking of germs, runny noses are a regular occurrence on the bus. My nine-year-old and eleven-year-old are both in Elementary school; the germs are shared daily by all of their absolutely adorable classmates. Sick or not, tissues are great to have on the bus. To wipe away tears, pesky boogers, and to just be prepared for any illness that may arise.

Sam's Club Member's Mark Tissues

Many bus drivers replenish their own supplies throughout the school year. At $11.98, each box of tissues is less than $1 per box. When you buy your tissues from Sam’s Club you get 12 boxes of 160Ct 2ply facial tissue that is 1,920 tissues total. There should not be much replenishing if you start out the school year with that many!

There really is no reason for me to purchase one box at time because they cost more than buying them in bulk at Sam’s Club. And let’s be honest, I love any reason to browse that store, and shop. The Member’s Mark Brand 2-ply Facial Tissue  is great for kids (and adults) because it is free from ink, perfume, lotion and fragrance. These tissues make my mom, bus driver, Grey’s Anatomy binge watcher, life just a tad easier, which makes them a must-have for me! Plus, they are soft and absorbent. Find them at your local Sam’s Club or online and tackle any mess (or episode) that comes your way.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Member’s Mark Brand 2-ply Facial Tissue.


  1. Shannon Kornek says:

    I’ll definitely have to go to Sam’s Club and get some!! We go through a lot of tissues in my house with allergies.!

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