We’re Bringing Fanny Pack

Them other bags won’t know how to act. Okay I’m done.

It’s Festival Season y’all!

One of the most important items on my ‘Festival Must Haves’ list (if I had an actual list) is a Fanny Pack!

A fanny pack is straight-up the ultimate festival hack, and will safely secure all of your essentials. I’m gonna show y’all some of my faves.

Fanny packs have been severely under-rated since the day they were created, but they are finally coming back!

1. “Country Strong” Fanny Pack from City Roots in Boots – $21.99

2. “Cactus Fanny Pack” from Who’s your Fanny is perfect for all those hot desert music festivals! $24.99

3. I mean who doesn’t need a Retro USA Fanny Pack?! Thank Goodness for Whiskey Riff we will be ready for our #tbt Insta post! – $19.99

4. Festival on the beach? No worries…Tipsy Elves has you covered with their Palm Tree Tropical Fanny Pack If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, then you better come prepared. This even has a place to keep your beer cold! Um yes please! – $18.00

5. A Unicorn Fanny Pack?! Need I say more? Ok so this is from Justice so it’s definitely on the smaller side. Both of my daughters have one and it’s the perfect size for them. After all they won’t be trying to stash an extra beer in their bag. Right? – $14.99

6. Every Dad with a sexy Dad Bod needs a Dad Bag. Let’s be honest a six-pack of beer is way more important than six-pack abs. Especially when you are raising two daughters. Fellas get the ultimate Dad Bod from The Dad Bag – $19.99

7. Maybe you aren’t going to a music festival…maybe you are going to be outside, walking alone, bored and need some music playing. How about a Speaker Fanny Pack to jam to your tunes and stash your cash?! Thanks Victoria’s Secret and I’m pretty sure it’s holo…am I right, Kenz?!- $59.95

8. I’m sure someone reading this has a trip to Disney planned this Summer. The Day In The Park Fanny Pack from Mickey and Mandy is a necessity when visiting a Disney Park! And just look at how adorable it is?! – $19.00

9. The next time you are on a trip to space as a flying cat make sure you are wearing this Galaxy Cat Fanny Pack from Kandy Pack. -$15.99

10. If it doesn’t have your monogram is it even really yours?! All my Southern girls know that everything is better with a monogram! This Monogrammed Fanny Pack from Marley Lilly is a must have! – $29.99

Look if you were a kid of the 90’s then you get it. Fanny packs are practical, functional, and totally underrated. For those who have attended a festival or two in their lifetime, I think you would agree that you need to get yourself a fanny pack! I know they don’t look the coolest and they sit at an awkward position on your body. But listen you’re not wearing one to look good; you’re wearing it to make life easier!


  1. Shannon Kornek says:

    These are too cute!! I actually can’t believe they are making a comeback, but hey, they are very helpful to have!

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