Go outside and play…there’s an app for that!

Are you concerned that your kids are spending too much time inside, in front of a screen?

There’s an epidemic problem happening around the world, and if you have kids I’m sure this is no surprise to you. Kids are addicted to their cell phones. Kids, even mine are glued to their cell phones and tablets all day long.

Our kids live in a digital, virtual world. So, how do we get them to put down their devices and go outside and play?! Summer break is in full swing and thankfully I found this new app called Goya-Move. It actually motivates your children to want to get outside and play! You definitely should check it out!

What is Goya-Move?

Goya Move

Goya-Move was designed by parents for parents. It is a first of its kind app that enables parents to regroup with their Child’s Screen time by calling a “Technology Time-out.” Parents can control their child’s app through their own device. Goya-Move‘s Device Management Technology, allows you to control your child’s device through your own device from wherever you are.

Goya Move

Goya-Move allows the parent to set Step Goals for their kid’s and lets parents choose which apps they want to block until the Step Goals are met. Once the child meets their daily or hourly Step Goal, the apps automatically unblock and are free to use. In addition, there are numerous other Technology Time-Out features in the app, that can be used to enhance the overall parental control experience.

Another feature that I love is Blackout Time. This function allows the parent to set specific time slots for when you want to apply the list of Blocked Apps on your child’s device. Like for example, homework time, bed time, and dinner.

Take a break from tech and get your kids moving…AGAIN!

I know sometimes when the kids are outside playing, they won’t always have their phones with them. Parents can add steps to their child’s account for times when your child is active but unable to have their device on them.

The app motivates kids to get outside and I love that it also includes tools for parents to motivate their kids.

Goya Move

Screen time is going up, and activity levels are going down. Recent surveys show that children are spending up to 9 hours a day on their mobile apps, limiting their daily exercise needs. Screen time has essentially become an addiction for many children.

This app is definitely a way to get your kids to ditch the devices this Summer and head outside into the sunshine. After all they wouldn’t have a choice if their favorite apps are blocked until they complete their daily step goal. Surely anything that encourages kids these days to go outside, ride their bikes, and play with their friends is a good thing right?

Lets be real, we all love our electronic devices, and kids are no exception. The app is available to download in iOS and coming soon to Android!

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