Tween Girl Bedroom Must Haves

As you know we redecorated my 11 year old daughter, Mackenzie’s room last month. 

We both had so much fun picking out items for in her room that we wanted to share them with you! Mackenzie rounded up her 10 favorite bedroom and decor must-haves. Written by Mackenzie herself, so it’s all definitely tween girl approved! 

Hi everyone! It’s me, Mackenzie! I am so excited to share with you some of my faves from my room makeover! Mama helped me with links but all reviews are from me! 

  1. Best Choice Products Lit Tabletop Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror w/LED Light– I love this mirror, it sits perfect on my dresser but would be good on my desk too! I love the bright lights to brighten up my room, perfect for putting on makeup and fixing my hair! 

2.   BloChair® Inflatable Chair from PoolCandy– Everyone deserves a BloChair to sit in, its so comfy and it has holo gold glitter. Do I have to say more?


  1. Rose Gold Globe from Hobby Lobby– I love this globe, and the rose gold makes it perfect for my room. It will help me with geography and it’s also just nice to have as a decoration on my desk.

  1. Rose Gold Mermaid Tale Blanket from Justice– Do you see a trend here? Rose Gold everything! Mermaids are amazing! A mermaid tale blanket will help you stay warm when sleeping or just chilling and eating chips. 

Mermaid Tail Blanket

  1. Planner- Planners will be extremely useful once school starts back up. It will help with after school activities, homework, and anything else going on.

  1. Squeezamals– Ok, so Squeezamals are like a stress ball and a squishy combined, but they look like cute animals. I love mine! Also they can be big or small.


  1. Ameriwood Home Parsons Desk– I love my desk. It is a nice place to do my homework in silence, in my case, without a dog or little sister annoying you. 

Ameriwood Home

  1. Polaroid Camera– I know we have phones that can take pictures, but with polaroid pictures you can hang them up and you won’t loose any storage on your phone.

  1. Unicorn Cosmetic Bag– Justice has the cutest accessories and this one is definitely one of my faves! I can keep all my makeup or anything else in this super cute (but sadly not holo) bag.

  1. Best Choice Products 5-Tier Tree Silhouette Wall Mounted Nail Polish Rack Holder– By far one of the best things in my room! I love love love painting my nails and this holder will be a heck of a lot easier than keeping all my nail polishes in a tiny box! Now to fill it up! 

Thanks for reading! Now go shop!


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