Surf’s Up | Tween Bedroom Makeover

Surf’s Up

Living at the beach you’re naturally inspired by the salty water, sandy beaches, sunshine, and relaxed atmosphere. That inspiration is what inspired Brynna’s surf themed room. I always knew somewhere deep inside us we were born to live by the water and channel our inner hippie.

When we moved into our home in Myrtle Beach 3 years ago, my daughter was just learning how to surf, so her heart was set on a Surfer Girl Room. That wasn’t a priority at the time so we just decorated with items we had from her old room, but I knew that eventually she would have her surfer girl room. 

She’s nine going on 16 (or so she thinks) and this was a BIG deal because I pretty much have always redecorated her room with my own ideas. Now it was her turn with her own style and ideas. What I love most about this surf themed bedroom is that it is eclectic. I feel it looks best when you mix and match items.


Here is what her room looked like before…It was very bright and full of Emoji’s. We loved it but it was time for a change.

beddy’s (bed.ease)

So to get started, Brynna picked out a Beddy’s Bedding Set. Which is pretty much the coolest thing I have ever seen by the way. Basically it is an entire bedding set in one…fitted sheet and blanket. The bedding fits on in one piece like a fitted sheet, and then the blanket zips up both sides like a sleeping bag. This bedding is amazing!! I wish I had this bedding when my kids were little, but to be honest to have it for tweens might be even more genius! Brynna has bunk beds, and if you have them you know the hardest thing about them is making them! Am I right? Well, Beddy’s Comforters are the solution to that! I am loving the clean, neutral look of this bedding AND now Brynna can and wants to actually make her own beds!



I think the next part of the room is her absolute favorite. She really wanted a space to read, relax and “chill” …so we stayed with the surfer/beach theme and got the cutest hammock chair from Joss and Main. I decorated the wall around the chair with some coastal decor from Hobby Lobby and Target. The highlight of the wall is from our favorite local shop, Fin First. They are located right here in Myrtle Beach, and are hands down one of our favorite shops. Most of the inspiration for this room came from their hand drawn beach themed decor. We framed all of their prints to add to the wall and of course had to throw in one of their pillow covers to use in the hammock chair. All of their work is hand drawn, original and absolutely gorgeous! You can save 20% off their website using code: BOOTSBOWSANDBEACHES

Brynna has been begging me since we moved in to paint her room. Finally after we decided to redecorate I told her we could paint. We picked a teal from PPG Paints, and I couldn’t be happier with the change. It totally ties in with the theme of the room and she loves it, which is all the matters!

We used Mackenzie’s old desk for now because she wanted her own space to do her homework. I’m not sure the black is the right color for this room but it will work for the time being.

It’s amazing what a little bit of paint, new bedding and decorations will do to transform a space.  This surf/beach themed bedroom makeover was such a fun project to work on and both my daughter and I absolutely love the bright, fun colors and theme!


  1. Shannon Kornek says:

    It looks great!! That bedding is so cute!

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