Goodwill Sibling Challenge

My two daughters couldn’t be anymore opposite if they tried. This is common in most siblings I’ve noticed. As much as I tried to dress them alike from the time Brynna was born until…well I would try today if they let me, they are officially over it.

I was sitting at the pool listening to them bicker about the color of the sky (yes really) and I thought to myself…I need to find something fun for these two to do, that’s inexpensive and will make them think about the other siblings likes and dislikes. Which led us to our local Goodwill. I got this idea from the #GoodwillDateNight post that went viral last Summer I believe.

I’m going to call this the #GoodwillSiblingChallenge. We already love shopping at the Goodwill so they were so excited about this challenge and of course they love when I come up with these crazy, silly ideas. So off we went.

Here is a before picture:

So these are the rules I gave them. Pretty much the same rules as the date night challenge with a few tweaks.

Rule One: Each child gets $10 to shop in Goodwill for the other sibling, and they HAVE to wear what you pick.

Rule Two: Once we leave Goodwill I will take them to get ice cream and not a word is mentioned about the outfits and where they came from. They have to resume their day as normal and pretend like their outfits aren’t off the wall.

Rule Three: They have to pick fake names for each other and go by them the rest of the day.

Rule Four: Absolutely no electronic devices allowed to be used in the whole process that includes the shopping and at lunch.

And now I introduce you to:

Pablo and Juanita

After we were done I promised them ice cream. So we went to our very busy Dairy Queen and they got quite a few stares but it was all in good fun. Definitely a night to remember!

Parenting is tough, Parenting in the summer is even tougher. This made our day and we haven’t laughed this hard together in a long time. I always tell these two to appreciate each other because they will eventually be each other’s best friends. Now we challenge you to take your kids to your local Goodwill and let them have some fun!

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