Currently – October

October. I can’t believe we are almost through the month, it seems like it just started. I think Hurricane Florence hitting us and being off school/work for 3 weeks has made our life even more chaotic than normal.

I have been struggling with blog topics lately and I came across this idea from Faust Island called “Currently” that I love. It’s literally a list of what is currently happening in her life. And I’m totally stealing the idea because it’s a nice way to update y’all on my bunch of crazies!

Jeff has been working in Charleston for a week at a time. He is home on the weekends but that means during the week it’s me versus 2 kids and 2 dogs along with working full time. So here’s what’s been going on for us in October!

Eating – Anything easy these days, pizza, Panera and Chic Fil A are at the top of the list.

Drinking – Pumpkin Iced Coffee from Dunkin’ #Basic

Listening – Cole Swindell on repeat. Especially 20 in a Chevy.

Reading – Definitely not reading anything currently.

Mackenzie She’s loving middle school and doing so awesome! Her grades on her interm report were all A’s and 1 B. So proud of her! She’s had her braces on for 6 weeks and we can already tell a huge difference. Her confidence level has went up so much. She loves school and her friends and has started playing the flute!

Brynna We are now entering the major “tweenage” years with this one. We just got out of it with Kenz and now we are back. She’s hard-headed, stubborn and has an attitude for days. Hoping this stage passes quickly. She’s doing decent in school, I think she’s had a rough start and anytime her routine is messed up it sets her back. Hoping now that we are back to “normal” things start going more smoothly for her.

Jeffis working like crazy. Like I said earlier he’s been in Charleston for a week at a time working. We miss him during the week but he’s home on the weekends and we enjoy our time with him then.

Ren Will be 16 weeks old on Friday! Crazy right?! He has upgraded to Doak’s old cage and seems to love it. He wasn’t a fan of the smaller cage. He still sleeps with us and is a major mama’s boy. He is house trained, healthy and has adjusted well to his new home with us. I can’t imagine life without him.

Copper Still our mouthy beagle boy. I think he realized Ren isn’t going anywhere and he has accepted it. They play, and still fight (typical brothers) but they love each other. Copper is officially crate free, still makes me nervous but he seems to do fine without it. Fingers crossed it stays that way! He still likes to eat shoes so as long as they are away from him he should be fine.

Watching  –  A Million Little Things, This is Us, 911 and Greys are my faves right now.

Loving – The weather! We are finally feeling Fall weather here in SC! I don’t know how long it will last but I’m enjoying the cool mornings and nice relaxing afternoons without sweating when I walk outside!

Wishing – to win the lottery that is going off tonight. One can only hope right?!

Thinking – about how I can get my hands on some Hamilton tickets without breaking the bank!

Looking Forward To – The weekend with Jeff home. Him being gone definitely makes me appreciate him so much more!



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