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I try desperately to feed my kids delicious, healthy, well balanced meals that will provide them all the nutrients they need. But, let’s be real, getting them to eat what I make is another blog post in itself.

Rainbow Light

I like knowing I can give them a food-based multi vitamin that not only meets the nutrient demands of rapid growth, but supports clear skin too.

My oldest daughter is such a picky eater so Rainbow Light vitamins are great for her. She does not like to eat veggies, and these vitamins contain vital and immune-boosting nutrients needed by growing pre-teens and teens. (Active Health Teen, Vitamin C & D)

During the teen/preteen stage which is a key growth stage, dietary supplements can help build bones and tissues, maintain healthy moods and brain function, and reduce the risk of health problems now and much later in life. Finding a vitamin that is perfect for your teen is so worth the effort if you think your child’s diet could use a boost.

Teens and Preteen Vitamins

Teens and preteens are known to skip meals and survive on processed food. While you cannot really keep out junk food from a their diet completely, you could certainly add nutrition to it.

Why do teens need a vitamin of their own? Remember puberty? Yeah, that’s why.

The nutritional requirements of teens are quite different from that of a younger child or fully-grown adult. A teenager’s body is changing in so many ways, with a number of hormones working their way through puberty and growth. This is the time to focus on the changes their body is going through and to ensure that nutritional deficiencies are met.

Rainbow Light offers complete multivitamins for men, women, teens, and children that are specially formulated for the individual nutritional needs of each.

From prenatal vitamins to menopause formulas, all Rainbow Light supplements are 100% natural and are gentle on the stomach. Rainbow Light is recognized as the #1 most trusted natural vitamin brand!

With the help of Rainbow Light and their daily vitamins, I know my girls, husband and I will be getting all the nutrients we need! Not only will we be more energized, but we will be ready to face flu season with no worries!

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    Alex loves the Kid’s One! I stumbled upon them, but had no idea they had an entire line of vitamins!! And that water bottle!!!!

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