Golf Cars…For More Than Just Golf

Golf carts aren’t just for golf courses anymore. In fact, these leisure vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for personal transportation, especially if you live in a beach town like me.

Golf Cart Friendly

People who live in golf cart friendly communities know that they aren’t just a vehicle – owning a golf cart is a lifestyle.

There’s a compelling reason why golf carts are now more commonly termed “golf cars.” These vehicles have become an essential part of daily life for many families in the Myrtle Beach area. From trick or treating around the community, taking the kids to school, driving to the beach or pool, and even the grocery store, many people have come to rely heavily on golf cars.

Ready to purchase?

There are tons of businesses up and down the Grand Strand where you can rent a golf cart if you are here on vacation. If you live here you will want to visit a business that does more than rentals.

Best Golf Cars has been serving the Myrtle Beach area with new, used, custom and refurbished golf cars since 1988. If you live in the area you know owning a golf cart is part of the lifestyle here.

Best Golf Cars is the only factory authorized dealer in the area that offers the full line of Club Car golf, low-speed & utility vehicles, as well as Tomberlin and Garia.

Best Golf Cars also service all makes/models and offer yearly service contracts to keep your car in great running condition. Even though they are mostly in the market of selling they also rent or lease both residential & commercial vehicles and offer a full line of Club Car parts & accessories.


Locals to the Myrtle Beach area consider golf carts as the preferred method of transportation. We live a very laid back, coastal way of life here. Many beach accesses have specified golf-cart-friendly parking spots making it easy to enjoy a few hours or a whole day relaxing with the sand between your toes, and not in your car! 

Best Golf Cars even offer custom designs. You can have pretty much anything put on your golf car.

Ask any golf cart owner and they are bound to tell you not only about the convenience and ease of maintenance, but also that they are just plain fun to drive around!

Are you ready to be part of the golf cart community and own your own golf cart? Swing by and visit one of Best Golf Cars Myrtle Beach location’s—1400 Enterprise Avenue (off Seaboard Street between Hwy 501 & 10th Ave) or at 1620 Farrow Parkway in Market Common. 

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