10 Gifts For Unicorn Obsessed Girls

I have a tween daughter that is unicorn obsessed, she literally has so much unicorn stuff, I think we could start our own museum.

Although I do know a lot about unicorns, I decided to ask the expert herself to sit down with me. It seems like every time we step foot inside of Justice there is more and more adorable must have unicorn items!

Last night Brynna was making her wish list on the Live Justice App and she told me her favorite things and why! So, today I wanted to share her top 10 favorite unicorn items from Justice to share with my favorite unicorn moms!

If you have your own little unicorn obsessed girl in your life, we’ve got you covered for gift giving this year.

You’re welcome.

1. Unicorn Slipper Boots

Magic made for her toes

Brynna says: “I love the holo specks through the white boot, the white makes the holo stand out! And I love the unicorn horn and ears!”

2. Unicorn Flip Sequin Journal Gift Set

Brynn says: “It’s flip sequin of course, and it has a unicorn on it. I can use it for a diary and since it has a lock no one can get in it! The pen has a Pom on top!”

3. Initial Unicorn Mini Locker

Brynna says: “It can keep all my secret stuff that I don’t want anyone else to see inside. You can make your own code so you don’t have to worry about losing a key! It fits in my room! It has initials so I know it’s mine, incase my sister wants the same one!”

4. Unicorn Initial Popsocket

Brynna says: “The initial has a unicorn horn!  Pop sockets are nice for my phone! It makes holding it easier!”

5. Squish Rainbow Unicorn iPhone Case

Brynna says: “The unicorn squishy on the back! There are unicorns all over the case! Bright, ombré colors!”

6. Unicorn Doorbell

Brynna says: “No more knocking, just ringing!! That’s all I have to say about that!”

7. Stella The Unicorn Squishmallow

Brynna says: “It’s a unicorn! It’s a huge squishy animal! I was planning on bringing it to school but it’s bigger than my book bag. And it feels like a marshmallow!”

8. Unicorn Queen Duvet Set

Brynna says: “Rainbows, Unicorns…this is everything. Makes me want to go to sleep!”

I say: “ADD TO CART”

9. Unicorn Desk Lamp

Brynna says: “It’s fluffy, perfect for on my desk!”

10. Justice Exclusive Unicorn Horn JoJo Siwa Bow

Brynna says: “Because I love JoJo Bows and this one has a unicorn horn! And it has little unicorns all over it!

So there you have it from the unicorn expert herself. If you’ve got a unicorn lover in your life this holiday season, I’ve gotcha covered! These unicorn gifts are great for the holidays but they will also make a great birthday gift or just an anytime gift. After all, unicorns don’t need a reason to be given as a gift! Happy Shopping!


  1. Shannon says:

    Is it bad that I’d love all of these too??? Thank you for the great gift ideas!

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