Keep Your Feet Cozy This Fall With PEDS®

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of PEDS® as always all opinions are my own.

Now that the weather is changing it’s time to stock up on new socks to keep your feet warm and cozy for whatever adventures you have planned!

Fall is, hands down, the best season for socks – it’s cool enough to wear them every day, but still warm enough to show them off against bare legs! 

PEDS® has a sock for any kind of shoe, and they will keep your feet happy, no matter what you’re doing. Made from the highest quality yarns, PEDS® are the socks you need to keep your feet warm and cozy this fall. And the best part is, it doesn’t matter what type of shoe you will be wearing! 

PEDS® has a style for every shoe! From cowboy boots to low-cut sneakers they have thought of everything! I’m sure y’all have figured out cowboy boots are a staple in our household, and there is nothing worse than not having a good pair of socks to pair with your boots.

I’ve honestly never been much of a sock person, thankfully I live in South Carolina by the beach so I can get away with not wearing socks for most of the year. But for the month or two it is cold here, I have to find the perfect pair. I don’t hate socks, I do wear them with boots and to work every day.

As a school bus driver, I have to wear uniform pants that aren’t very stylish, to say the least. When I sit down, which is basically the whole time I’m at work because I am driving my pants come up at the bottom showing off my leg, shoes and socks. Now I don’t have to worry about big chunky socks hanging out while I’m driving because with the PEDS® Mid Sport Cut they are high enough to feel comfortable in my sneakers but low enough to be hidden when I sit down and have the dreaded “high water” pants.

I have my fair share of ankle socks, but they peek out hideously when I wear my low-cut sneakers or running shoes. There is just way too much foot coverage with the majority of low-cut socks. Thankfully I found the Ultra Low Cut PEDS® and now I won’t have to worry about chunky socks that look awkward with low-ankle or no-ankle shoes.

I believe part of the reason for not really being a huge fan of socks is that I simply never found the right pair to wear with my shoes. After finding all the options PEDS® offers I may just turn into a sock lover, I’m sure everyone will be glad too because we all know what happens when you wear shoes without socks!

Head to your local JCPenney and stock up on PEDS® to get your feet ready for Fall.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PEDS® #PartnershipwithPEDS

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