Finding Your Tribe At BroadwayCon

My daughters nerdy little heart could barely handle the news when I told her we were attending BroadwayCon! After our New York trip last month she practically begged for me to apply for a press pass for BroadwayCon with hopes that somehow we would be able to attend. Surprisingly my very theatre obsessed 11-year-old had her dream came true. 

Theatre is my daughters true love, so this seemed like a dream come true as well as a no brainer to have her attend with me as part of my “press team.” It gave her the opportunity to experience BroadwayCon but also help me with the blog posts, photographs and social media shares all weekend. I mean let’s be real she was the one with all the Broadway knowledge I was just along for the ride so to speak. 

So, what exactly is BroadwayCon?

Basically BroadwayCon is the theatre’s answer to ComicCon. BroadwayCon is three days full of performances, panels, workshops and so much more. Fans come out in droves to the now annual event located where else but New York City.

The fans come dressed as their favorite characters from their favorite musicals. I have to admit I was overwhelmed and felt a little out-of-place, okay a lot out-of-place. But it didn’t take long for me to fit right in. Theatre people are the nicest, welcoming and non judgmental people I have ever met. After this weekend I realized that I am so glad that if Mackenzie chose one thing to be interested in that theatre is it. 

Finding your tribe at BroadwayCon

From the moment we walked in the doors of The Hilton my daughter was suddenly surrounded by people who listened to the same music she did, read the same articles she read, and wanted to see the same stars she wanted to see. I was standing in the back of the room in awe, she walked right up to a group that was singing show tunes and with no hesitation she started belting out the song right along with them. I saw a side of her I don’t see very often. This weekend she found her people, her tribe, those who get her without any explanation. 

By day 3, I was exhausted! But there was so much Kenzie wanted to do on Sunday.  I went with her for an hour or two, she had made a few friends around her age. Reluctantly, I asked her if she wanted to stay there with her friends for a little while so I could go to the room to refresh. I think it was the best decision I made. She went to singalongs, danced, made new friends and they are all already planning next year’s con. When I came back to get her she was sitting with her new friends enjoying the BroadwayCon Send-Off Party. It was pretty awesome to see my very introverted kid expressing herself with others. 

The whole weekend was nothing short of amazing but watching Kenzie getting to be herself around other people who “get her” is what made this trip worth it. Well, that and her getting to meet and sing with George Salazar of course. How could I forget that?! 

BroadwayCon was definitely the experience of a lifetime for both of us! Mackenzie told me this was the best Broadway fan experience ever. I would encourage anyone interested in Broadway and has the opportunity to attend next year to do so! You will not be disappointed. We are already counting down until BroadwayCon 2020! 

Stay tuned for the second part of this post with more details of what actually happens inside the doors of BroadwayCon. 

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