Captive Rooms: Myrtle Beach

If you haven’t been to an escape room yet, I can guarantee you have probably seen someone share a picture on social media holding up a sign that says something like, “I escaped!” If you are looking for something to do as a family or with a group of friends that is new and exciting, you need to try an escape room.

Captive Rooms in Myrtle Beach is definitely a hidden gem! We had so much fun last weekend trying out this escape room!

Family Fun

We’re finding that escape rooms are a great way to spend family time together now that our kids are in the tween years and aren’t so interested in younger kids attractions anymore. If you’re lucky enough to have an escape room near you, and you probably do because of how popular they are becoming they can be a great way for fun, quality time together with your family.

We have been talking about doing an escape room for over a year now and just never made the time to do it. While we were in Georgia over Christmas break we found one and finally took the plunge. And to say we were hooked is an understatement. While we did not escape in time, we had so much fun, and even met another family who we had to work with to escape. Although we were seconds away from escaping we still enjoyed it and so our escape room obsession began!

What is an Escape Room exactly?

If you haven’t yet heard of them, escape rooms are a type of entertainment where a group of people are locked in a room and told to solve a series of puzzles before they can leave. It might involve padlocks, keypads, physical problems to solve and more. Rooms have a theme and a back story and many are fully immersive and try to make you feel like you’re in the situation for real.

Captive Rooms: Myrtle Beach

If you are in the Myrtle Beach area and need something fun to do with your family, Captive Rooms is the perfect room for you. Don’t worry though, they have two other locations as well in Tampa, Florida and Ocean City, Maryland!

Captive Rooms have two different rooms you can choose from if you are visiting the one here in Myrtle Beach.

Dracula’s Library

New Orleans in 1862. You and your team of investigative journalists have been following the trail of the world’s oldest vampire for quite sometime. You have been lured to a mansion on the banks of this mystical city by a promising lead in your quest to expose Dracula to the world. Once inside you and your team realize that the tables have been turned and you now find yourselves unwitting participants in a most deadly game. Racing not just against time, but against the darkness itself.

Charlotte’s Attic

The bizarre murders of Charlotte and her little sister at the hands of their seemingly deranged father shocked this close-knit community and still resonates to this day. Now, 20 years later you and your team have returned to the scene of the grisly crime. There has always been something about this crime that just didn’t add up. Why did Gerald Grundy murder his daughters and then kill himself ? What did he do with the bodies? So many questions.

We chose to do Charlotte’s Attic. We came with a group of eight of us and it was honestly an absolute blast! This room is very challenging, we didn’t escape but we were so close! This room will definitely keep you on your toes and have your mind thinking the whole time.

The lady working was really helpful and upbeat, even when we got frustrated with some of the clues! I highly recommend this escape room if you are in the area! We will definitely be going back to try our luck at Dracula’s Library!

So give that board game a rest this week, and try Captive Rooms for a family game night! Book your adventure now!

There is always something new to experience and reasons to keep coming back. Will you escape?!

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