10 Things I learned From BroadwayCon

The weekend before last my daughter and I went to BroadwayCon for the first time. I am not going to lie when I say I honestly had no interest in Broadway. But seeing how much Mackenzie loved it I had to see what all the hype was about. She had been listening to Hamilton for a good two years before this and that is really where her obsession with theatre began. I finally gave in and bought her and I tickets to a show in Charlotte, NC back in October, just 3 months ago.

Three months later here I am listening to the music on a daily basis, have made two trips to New York in a matter of a month and am trying to plan a third. We have even seen two more musicals since Hamilton. I have to say I am so thankful that my daughter has opened my eyes to this amazing world.

Since the whole reason we went to BroadwayCon was because of her love for Broadway, I decided to let her take over the blog to tell you what she thought of the whole experience and what she learned from her weekend.

10 Things I learned from BroadwayCon

“Greetings and salutations…you a Heather?” Be prepared for many musical references, if you haven’t figured it out yet its me, Mackenzie. The weekend of BroadwayCon was probably the best weekend of my life and I want to tell you all about it! What I learned from my first year and why you need to go!

1. Cosplay

Let’s start with this because Broadway fans do NOT mess around when it comes to Cosplay! So many good cosplay costumes, and the contest was so much fun! And guess who won?! “Hey, yeah, a squip”

2. Panels 

I learned all about panels. The panels at BroadwayCon focused on different theatre topics, obviously. The panels that seemed to be the most popular…“They were popular! Please. It’s all about popular!” were the panels where the stars of the stage came together. Of course my favorites were Mean Girls, “So fetch,” Dear Evan Hansen, The Prom and George Salazar’s panel about the fans!  

3. Newbies

So there is a thing called Newbies at BroadwayCon. You guessed it, they are new! I was a newbie. Basically BroadwayCon is encouraging the veterans to adopt newbies to show them the ropes. Just walk up to someone and start a convo…“What’s your name man…”

4. The Marketplace

This is where you will find all the Broadway merch you could ever imagine. I mean so much, there is anything and everything! Bags, shirts, playbills, coloring pages, there is everything.

5.  The App

Definitely download it before you come, you will use it! You can add events that you know you want to attend to your schedule. There is a map of where everything is located at Con, and you can set reminders so you don’t forget about anything you want to see!

6.  Fans 

It was so nice to finally be around “my people” I really didn’t learn this last weekend because I already knew that Broadway fans are amazing but BroadwayCon just confirmed it.

7. Photo Ops 

I realized fast that stars will pop up anywhere, it doesn’t necessarily have to be scheduled. Just look for the lines at random places and usually you will find one of your faves at the end of the line! And if they have time they will usually stick around at the end of panels also!

8. Singing!!! 

It is EVERYWHERE and it is contagious. There are so many options, you just join right in. It was great.

9. Making Friends

Making friends was so easy. Everyone is there for the same reason so everyone has the same interests you don’t have to figure that part out so it makes making friends so much easier. On the last day I got to stay by myself for a little while, I made friends and we hung out all day. I still talk to them thru text and hopefully we will all get to see each other next year!

10. Be prepared

Be prepared to fall in love with Broadway if you aren’t already, prepared to come back next year, and of course prepare yourself to want to see every show you can! We were lucky enough to win tickets to see The Prom! It was so good, everyone needs to see it!

BroadwayCon was one of the best experiences “in the greatest city in the world.” Until next year BroadwayCon!

Do yourself a favor: never think that you’re “too cool” for something. I’m so glad my 11 year old opened my eyes to this world. I would have missed out on so many great experiences and she would have as well. If you’ve never been to a Broadway show, go to one! You’ll probably enjoy it if you let yourself! I know that there are plenty more  experiences waiting for us out there, and now I can’t wait to find them and to experience them with my girl!

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