Giving Your Pup More Independence With Hartz

Thank you Hartz for sponsoring this post. Hartz Dog Pads are America’s #1 brand of dog pads and are available nationwide at Walmart, Amazon and your local grocery store.

I will be the first to admit that dog potty pads aren’t exactly the most glamorous thing to have lying around the house. When it comes to training a new puppy many pet parents, like myself, feel it’s a whole lot better than finding something else on the floor. 

Whether you have a brand new puppy or an older dog Hartz Home Protection Dog Pads make training your pup pretty easy. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

We have two dogs that are a part of our family. Copper the Beagle and Renegade the Great Dane. My husband and I work during the day so we decided the best option for the them while we were away at work was to crate train them. Recently we have been trying to attempt to allow them to be out of the crate for a few hours if we go out to dinner or are running some errands. Our goal eventually is to allow them to out of the crate for the day while we are working. Sometimes they need a little extra help when it comes to potty training so using Hartz Dog Pads to get over this last training bump has definitely been the way to go. 

Why Choose Hartz? 

Hartz Dog Pads are designed with six layers, the FlashDry® Gel technology locks in moisture and allows for multiple uses, perfect for our pups while we are working! The odor eliminating capability instantly eliminates odors and contains a fresh lavender scent for lasting freshness. Hartz Dog Pads use unique, patented FlashDry® Gel technology, which instantly turns liquid into gel, locking in moisture and preventing leaks and unpleasant odors.

Not Just for Puppies 

Most people think you would only use Hartz Dog Pads if you have a brand new puppy, but there are other reasons and situations where you could use them as well. Bad weather; we live in South Carolina which means lots of rain, wind and yes hurricanes. Last October, Hurricane Florence hit us and we had just gotten Renegade a month earlier. He did not want to go outside in the wind and rain. If you are a full-time working pet parent and you can’t hire a dog sitter, having pee pads can be a huge blessing. This is exactly what we are trying to accomplish! If you have a sick or older dog these could come in handy as well. Once they learn what they are for, they will remember as they get older and maybe can’t get outside as fast as they once could. 

Whether you have a brand new puppy or an older dog that you are trying to give more independence, potty training your pup will take some time. Teaching your dog to use a pad could eliminate stress for you as well as your dog. Happy parents, happy pets.

Hartz Dog Pads are available nationwide at Walmart,, Amazon and at your local grocery store.

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