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Together For A Better Internet

Raising children is so fun, brings me so much joy, and yes, the occasional headache. The older my daughters get, the more frightening and dangerous the world becomes.

It is 2019, my 11 year old daughter is walking around middle school with a phone in her pocket that allows her to connect to the internet at anytime. Although, I hope she isn’t doing this because she is in school but the fact of the matter is that the internet is so accessible to her at anytime. Most kids get a smartphone by the time they are 10 years old, and more than 77 percent of kids 6-12 years old are using them on a weekly basis.

While we all want to trust our children to be kind and responsible in person and on the Internet, sadly we cannot trust everyone else who is online to do the same, and you should not, either.

Safer Internet Day


Safer Internet Day is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities young people face in the online world. From cyberbullying to social networking, Safer Internet Day aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues and chooses a topic reflecting current concerns.

The campaign’s slogan, “Together for a better internet“, is a call to action for all stakeholders to join together and play their part in creating a better internet for everyone, and especially for younger users.

Help your family create healthy digital habits

Whether your children are younger or in their teens, the Family Link app lets you set digital rules to help guide them as they learn, play and explore online.

Let’s be honest we are all busy parents who could use a little help monitoring our kids’ internet habits. Family Link is helpful and powerful without being overly intrusive. It gives us as parents an opportunity to explain why it’s important to limit our children’s time online and how to keep them safe doing it.

Be Internet Awesome

To make the most of the Internet, kids need to be prepared to make smart decisions. Be Internet Awesome teaches kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so they can explore the online world with confidence.

Whether they’re playing Interland, an online adventure that puts the key lessons of digital safety into hands-on practice with four challenging games, or using the internet for schoolwork, Be Internet Awesome aims to help kids be thoughtful about what they share, identify phishing and other scams, protect their personal information, and be respectful of their peers.

Have a conversation with your kids about how to be safe and smart online on Safer Internet Day and everyday by using the information from Be Internet Awesome. It is time to Come Together for a Better Internet with your family by using Be Internet Awesome starting with Family Link.

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