Bedroom Work Space For Everyone

Some kids and adults are perfectly content with sitting in the family room or at the kitchen island to do work on their computer. However, in time, peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle is important for all of us. If you are looking for a suitable desk for your child or for yourself I have found two excellent choices to consider.  

Perfect Teen Bedroom Desk

My niece just turned 16 and for her birthday she asked for a desk for her new bedroom. I love decorating and helping organize so I knew I wanted to help with her new bedroom, so I started searching for her a desk that was perfect for her room. She gave me a few options of her favorites, and she decided on the Ameriwood Home Storage Desk  

This compact desk is just the right size for her bedroom, but would also be perfect for a dorm room or apartment as well. The desk top can hold her computer, office supplies and notebooks comfortably. A slide out keyboard compartment and open and closed storage cubbies will keep your belongings organized and within easy reach. She added storage bins to the cubbies to match her room decor and also to give her even more storage space. 

She told me she finally has the bedroom of her dreams and the desk was the finishing touch. She loves it and now her bedroom is a space she feels proud of, and helps her prepare for what’s ahead. 

Master Bedroom/Office Combo

My master bedroom has been a work in progress. It’s a large space and I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with it. Finally it came to me. An office nook with a desk, that’s quiet, peaceful and most importantly all mine! 

Corners in a room can be awkward to fill and are often left empty and unused, I thought that it would be the perfect spot for an office nook. The Eastway L-Desk from Ameriwood Home is a great desk to be placed in a corner or even to free up floor space in the middle of the room. I knew this was the desk I needed for my master bedroom and the big empty corner that I had no idea how to decorate! With this corner desk, I can save on space and also have a beautiful and functional workplace in my bedroom.

The 2 shelves on the end of the desk are perfect for organizing or for displaying photos and decorations. The desk features 2 smaller drawers and a larger drawer that can hold all of my extra offices supplies and paper. The lower drawer can organize both legal and letter sized files.

Whether you work from home, have a child in school that needs a place for homework, or you’d like a spot that can double as a vanity as well as an office space, there’s so many benefits that come along with having a desk area in the bedroom. These two desks from Ameriwood Home are great choices to get started on transforming that empty space in your bedroom into a cozy office nook!

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