Tales From The Bus Driver’s Seat

I do my best thinking while I’m behind the wheel of my big yellow limo, well that is when there are no children on board.

After almost 10 years of driving a school bus there are some things that I need to share, vent about, and basically just show y’all how crazy my day can be! Every single day something else happens that makes me say “really, are you serious?!”

So welcome to my newest blog series which I’m sure will be getting a lot of new posts because there’s always something new to share on the adventure that is driving a school bus.

Tales From The Driver’s Seat

If you are in your personal vehicle behind the stop line waiting at a stoplight or a stop sign I promise you I won’t hit your car. I do know how to make a turn and the stop lines are there for a reason believe it or not. But the expressions on your faces are hilarious.

Earbuds are the best invention ever. I wish I had the money to buy everyone a pair that doesn’t have any. The music these kids listen to nowadays is just horrible, and they feel the need to listen to the music at max volume! I honestly don’t mind if the kids listen to music on the bus, but I just wish they would do it at a normal volume, or with a pair of earbuds preferably. Please!

Sunflower seeds are the devil. The devil y’all! You hear me?! Kids eat them and I guess the best spot to place the shells are on the floor of the bus! WRONG! My biggest pet peeve is sweeping up sunflower seed shells. I wish I could ban them from the bus!

I’ll be back next week with some more fun stories, advice or maybe I’ll just need to vent. Either way, stay tuned and watch for buses!

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