Sunday’s Are For Brunch

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Sunday’s are for brunch! Instead of movie night we turned our lazy Sunday into a fun movie morning with a waffle bar and Netflix! A waffle bar is always a fun idea for a breakfast or brunch celebration…but it can also be a sweet surprise on any ordinary day!

Spirit Riding Free on Netflix and our easy Waffle Bar was the perfect way to spend our Sunday! You can find Spirit Riding Free activities here to go along with your fun waffle Brunch!

Waffle Bar

As I was doing my weekly Walmart shopping, I made sure to load up on our favorite Eggo waffles. I went for the more traditional Buttermilk since I knew we were going to load it with tons of sweetness! I also grabbed a can of Reddi-Wip which is our favorite whipped topping because it has less hydrogenated oils than other frozen whipped toppings – real cream is a top priority!

A few other toppings we added were fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and rainbow sprinkles. You can do so many delicious things with a waffle…make them sweet, make them savory, keep them healthy, or even indulge for an over-the-top sugar fix! 

While the girls were outside having fun with friends and neighbors, I turned our kitchen table into a waffle bar for a fun Sunday brunch. The Eggo waffles toast up to a delicious golden crisp in just minutes so it didn’t take me long to get everything ready.

The idea was a hit! They loved the waffle bar and it was perfect for my kids who want to do everything themselves! The waffles were warm, fluffy and delicious and ready to add all their favorite toppings to! Another perk of the waffle bar? Clean up is quick and simple!

Spirit Riding Free

My girls both love the series “Spirit Riding Free” on Netflix. It was the perfect show to watch after we enjoyed brunch from our waffle bar!

The Netflix series is about a girl named Lucky who moves to a new town, makes new friends, and has new experiences, stepping outside of her comfort zone. I love how this series shows how she has all she needs within herself!

Eggo and Reddi-Wip make the perfect pair when it comes to breakfast time. Reddi-Wip is always our first choice of store-bought whipped toppings, and it is perfect on a toasted crisp Eggo waffle. Brunch was ready in minutes, which gives us extra time for more movie time!

You can find more Spirit Riding Free activities here and make sure to watch Spirit Riding Free with your own girls on Netflix!

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