Our Screened Porch Makeover {Reveal}

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a before and after decorating post with y’all, so get excited, because today’s is gonna be awesome, at least I think so!


Screened porches are the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while staying away from things like bugs and rain. Ours isn’t huge so I had to make the most of our space. When we moved in the furniture we had was nice but it took up most of the area. At that point it wasn’t a big deal, then we added a Great Dane to the family and well the area got a lot smaller real fast!

This is what it looked like before. As you can see the furniture was large and there wasn’t much space to move around.


I am so happy to finally invite you to have a look around our screened porch makeover!

I wanted to connect the theme of our living area to the porch so that everything was coastal, teal and beach themed. Hello Summer entertaining!

When I say my screened in porch is my favorite part of my house I am not exaggerating. I love everything about our home and each room has something in it I adore but our back porch is my favorite spot, my happy place, my serenity, where I start and end my day. So, having it decorated just perfect was important to me! My goal was to create a cozy outdoor entertaining space that felt like another room in my home!

We got rid of the old furniture and replaced it with this amazing Oak Bluffs Set from COSCO Products and now it’s the perfect spot to drink a beer or glass of wine and lounge at the end of the day.

Oak Bluffs Collection

I fell in love with the design of this set, and the teal color is almost the exact shade that we painted our wall in our living room. It feels like it was made for this space!

I think the nesting ottomans are my favorite part of the collection! You can nest the ottomans under the chairs to save space, use them as side tables or even as extra seating! There are so many options unlike a lot of other patio sets.

The full seating set has enough space to comfortably sit 8 guests. There are times we may need more table space and we can tuck the table cushions under the ottomans to utilize a coffee table and two side tables!

This set allows us to customize our outdoor space and maximize our outdoor experience. I love the extra space we have now and how comfortable the seating is!

I’m so happy to have an outdoor space where we can slow down and really live in the moment thanks to COSCO Products! I can’t wait to spend our Summer evenings with our friends and family on our new porch!

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