The 2019 Live Justice Summit

On Friday, April 12th Sixty-one girls from across the United States met in Ohio near The Justice Retail Headquarters. They had flown, driven, and of course made sure to pack their Justice clothing to all come together for the first ever Live Justice Summit. 

If you follow us on Instagram I’m sure you have seen the many posts about the Summit. Although, it is so hard to put into words just how absolutely amazing and unforgettable the weekend was for not only the girls but for myself also, I am going to try my best to give you a glimpse of what we experienced.

Girls With Heart 

If you have a tween daughter you’ve probably spent too much time and even more money than you want to admit at Justice.

I’m sure you probably know by now that Justice also has an ambassador program called Girls With Heart. Over 75 girls from across the United States participate in this program. Both of my daughters are lucky enough to be part of this amazing program. Brynna has been an ambassador since the program started in 2016 and Mackenzie started 2 years ago. 

What is the Live Justice Summit?

The Live Justice Summit was a three-day experience built to inspire, equip, and empower girls to Be Unstoppable. 61 Girls With Heart Ambassadors from all over the United States came together for the first time to spend the weekend experiencing this unique and motivational growth opportunity for tween girls! 

For three days, these young girls learned from influential key note speakers and engaged in skill-based workshops. They experienced empowering keynotes and breakout sessions, plus fun extracurriculars, friendships, yummy food and swag-filled bags. It was a tween girls dream come true, my daughters told me so. 

Opening Night

Friday night all the parents and girls were taken by bus from the hotel to the Justice Headquarters. The girls were welcomed to the headquarters like celebrities. There was a dj, food, a photo booth along with tons of other fun activities as well. The girls participated in ice breakers while the parents went upstairs for a parent meeting. The welcome party was everything and more.

Be Unstoppable

The theme for the Live Justice Summit was Be Unstoppable. The weekend was all about girl power, encouragement and self-discovery. On Saturday the girls were taken to the Justice Headquarters and split up into smaller groups. The girls came up with plans on how to help out and give back to the community, practiced improv, public speaking and were inspired by all of the other amazing Girls with Heart.

After their first big day away from the parents at the Justice Headquarters led by the amazing team from Justice and Girls on The Run, it was time for the Ultra Squad book launch pajama party!

Saturday was also Brynna’s birthday, of course Justice did not disappoint and surprised her with a HUGE cake and all the girls sang Happy Birthday to her, truly a birthday that she will NEVER forget. The girls danced the night away in their pajamas with all their new friends. They also met Julia DeVillers, the author of the Ultra Squad books. Be sure to get your copies in store!

Keynote Speakers

Jess Ekstrom who is the founder of Headbands of Hope spoke to the girls about her mission. She told her story of struggle and how she came back after failing. Every girl can make a difference no matter what!

Maya Penn was another keynote speaker that the girls got to listen to and be inspired by. She is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, animator, artist, and the CEO of her eco-friendly fashion company, Maya’s Ideas.  

I had a chance to look through the girls work book they were keeping notes in and reading what they brought out of each session was truly eyeopening and powerful. Here is a peek at what they had to say.

A team from Girls on The Run™ led the girls in workshops on what makes them feel unstoppable and how they fit into the larger community around them.

Forever Friendships

The weekend was so inspirational and filled with so many amazing memories, forever friendships and empowerment. It was a weekend where the girls learned to break down personal boundaries and rise to the level of success they deserve! It was a weekend of inspiration and information with so many gems dropped. 

The girls brought so much knowledge and amazing friendships home with them. They promise to work hard to maintain the confidence and trust that Justice has shown in them and of course to continue to be unstoppable! We were so honored to be able to be at the first ever Live Justice Summit. Thank you Justice for this opportunity!


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