10 Things To Help You ‘Be More Chill’

Since I literally have no chill when it comes to keeping secrets this blog post is dedicated to Mackenzie’s 12th birthday present. I had to wait til everything was confirmed before I could actually post because she reads this and believe me you can’t tell an almost 12 year old this kind of stuff and then take it back. 

Be More Chill

If you haven’t heard of this musical yet then clearly you have not been within four feet of my almost 12 year old daughter for the past year. Be More Chill is literally all she talks about some days.

In January, Kenzie and I went to our very first BroadwayCon and she had the most amazing weekend, she will tell you over and over again that her favorite moment was meeting George Salazar. Just when I thought “nothing is going to top this moment” George himself comes into the Be More Chill fan meetup/singalong and sings with his fans, he is literally leading the singalong while filming an Instagram Live and I see Mackenzie on his Instagram. Day Made.

From that point on I knew that getting her back to New York to see Be More Chill on Broadway was something that was pretty much inevitable. I figured there wasn’t a better time than for her birthday. I recently told her that she would be going BACK to New York on her actual birthday to see ‘Be More Chill’, getting a backstage tour, time with some cast members in the VIP room (fingers crossed for George), and maybe even a picture on the stage! Let the countdown begin! 

10 Things To Help You Be More Chill

So in preparation for our trip to New York, the two of us worked together to give all our fellow broadway lovers a list of things to help you ‘Be More Chill’ (Believe me I have a feeling I’m going to need this list the closer it gets to us leaving)

1. Be More Chill tickets

This is a no brainer. You definitely can’t chill until you see this show. That’s what I’ve been told by my almost 12 year old anyway. Believe me I’ve been listening to the cast recording and reading tons of blogs about the show. I’ve come to the conclusion that this show is so appealing because it gives a glimpse into the complicated, awkward and exhilarating lives of teens and tweens. They can relate to this storyline so much in today’s world.  

2. Michael Mell Crochet Doll  By Stitchy Witch Crafts

I mean who doesn’t need a Michael Mell crochet doll?? He is a perfect companion for when your best friend runs off trying to be c̶o̶o̶l̶ chill. This tiny Michael in the Bathroom is the cutest and comes  complete with tiny weed socks.

3. Be More Chill “It’s From Japan” – Coloring Pages  From Coloring Broadway

We found this shop back when I planned our first New York trip in December. I used some of the coloring pages for a clue to surprise Kenzie with the trip. Ever since then we have been huge fans and just love all the Broadway themed coloring pages she offers. When the Be More Chill collection came out we knew we to have them!

Featured Quotes:

  • It’s from Japan
  • Michael in the Bathroom
  • Dude, You’re Cooler than a Vintage Cassette
  • I Love Play Rehearsal

4. Scenery Bags

We fell in love with these bags at BroadwayCon and we are now hooked forever. From backdrop to bag and beyond each bag is made from retired theatre backdrops & they donate a portion of the proceeds to take kids to see theatre. What’s not to love?!

5. Michael Mell Enamel Pin From Broadway Goes Pop

Broadway Goes Pop is another one of our favorite shops that we found at BroadwayCon. Kenzie wanted to buy everything at her booth but she finally decided on the Michael Mell Pin. This 2 inch enamel pin featuring Michael Mell of course is one of her favorite things ever.

6. Big Creeps Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Are you a creeper in a bathroom ’cause your buddy kinda left you alone? Well then you need this shirt. Michael’s iconic Halloween attire is a must have and def a sure way to Be More Chill!

7. Art Prints By Musical Pride Prints

These prints are absolutely amazing and are all handmade. They’re made by writing song lyrics onto 2mm lines in the flag of your choice!! Seriously so much detail and work goes into these! Definitely something to frame for the bedroom!

8. Be More Chill Bow from Broadway Bowtique

You have to be dressed to impress from head to toe and this Be More Chill inspired bow from Broadway Bowtique is just perfect! We love this shop and all her Broadway Inspired Bows!

9. Be More Chill Bundle From Desiree Nasim

C-C-C-C’mon, C-C-C-C’mon, go go! Kenzie has become obsessed with collecting prints for each musical she has seen. I love her original work and the Be More Chill Bundle is definitely a must have!

10. Creeps Scrunchie

This Creeps Scrunchie is the perfect match for your Creeps long sleeve t-shirt we mentioned above.  Perfect to wear when you’re seeing the show or just when you want to show your love for Michael in the bathroom….at a party.

Bottom Line:

So there you have it. I’m sure there is more but we wanted to show you our favorites! Be More Chill speaks to an entire generation, so it is clearly doing something right. This show redefines what it means to succeed against all those nagging voices in your head. To be honest, any show that makes my almost 12 year old daughter want to leave the house, get on a plane, travel to see live theater with me, and not use her phone the entire time has to be worth seeing in my opinion. That in itself is pretty chill.

Happy Birthday Mackenzie! Can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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