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CCMF 2019

We’ve made it through days of sensory overload, good times, good music and good vibes. The last thing on our mind is how much sleep or food we are getting until you need it. The Eat, Sleep, Repeat mantra is all too real. CCMF 2019 welcomes you to PCCMFD.

Post Festival Depression

Post Festival Depression is real y’all. It’s a feeling you get when you are walking out of an amazing 4-day festival and think “holy sh*t I will never experience happiness like that again.” Well until next year when it’s time for CCMF to come around again.

US of A Day Wearing our City Roots in Boots shirts and hats

I’m 3 days post festival and I’m still not 100% “normal” I mean was I ever?! Haha. No, but it’s true I may have overindulged a bit and I’m just getting my body back to myself. It was CCMF’s property for 4 days and I’m not even mad about it.

Not My First Rodeo

This isn’t my first rodeo. This was actually the 4th year attending the festival that just celebrated its 5th anniversary. I would have been there for the first year if we weren’t preparing to move to Myrtle at the same time. It was about to be our “First week in Myrtle Beach..”

Believe me, I wanted to be there, my husband was already living here and he attended so we are definitely veterans of this music fest. But believe me when I say, nothing I’d experienced to that point in my life had prepared me for what I was about to experience, veteran or not, an endorphin-aided endurance test of partying my ass off for basically 96 hours straight (with very little sleep in between) and an endless supply of alcohol. Thanks, Ultimate CCMF Experience Wristbands.  


You’re high’s a little high

The highs achieved at CCMF are absolutely no match against the lows I have felt afterward. One moment we are in a fairytale world being taken backstage, escorted to stage box seats with people who have more money to spend on a seat than I will ever make in a lifetime, where everybody accepts you for who you are, and welcomes you with open arms regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. Then suddenly the festival is over and the next day you’re forced back into your routine of daily life and don’t see these people who you have made friends with until next year (maybe.) Talk about low. 

Stage Box Seats Dressed in our Apricot Lane clothes


Festivals create this temporary community that is physically, socially, and experientially separate from our daily lives. When we enter them they allow us to do things and meet people we wouldn’t otherwise encounter, like for example, the ability to take as many shots as physically possible in an hour while we watch Dan + Shay with our fellow #lyricsdowncold winners.

May We All

I have talked about this before. But, I think something that we can all agree on is there is nothing quite like hearing our favorite songs live and seeing your favorite artist. Concerts give us an escape from our reality. We dance with our best friends and with people we have never met before, who eventually become our friends…sometimes they even become our best friends. There is just something so amazing about thousands of people singing the same song on a dark summer night that makes you all connect.

And of course there will always be a part of me who will still smile at the sound of Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” no matter how many times I have heard it, and hearing it live with “my people” makes it  so much better.


As Dierk’s would say “Some days you’re living” and eventually all the bad post-festival symptoms will fade, and you will be able to look at your videos and photos from the weekend as amazing memories. Those memories will sustain you, until the next time, you more than willingly put yourself through this torture again.

Especially when you look back and remember you were this close to Thomas Rhett on Day 4.

Enjoy some of my memories of another amazing weekend thanks to CCMF, along with all the amazing people we met and businesses we worked with over the course of the weekend.

My outfit from Apricot Lane Myrtle Beach and Boots from Wild West Boot Store
My outfit from Apricot Lane Myrtle Beach and our boots from Wild West Boot Store
Outfits from Apricot Lane Myrtle Beach and Boots from Wild West Boot Store
Boots from Wild West Boot Store
Shirts from Vazzie Tees and Boots from Wild West Boot Store
Americana Outfit from Country Outfitter

Until next year CCMF we can’t wait! 


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