Ren’s First Birthday Pawty

Throwing The Perfect First Birthday Pawty

While some of my friends and family will roll their eyes reading this and I’m sure there were some guests at The Sneaky Beagle who thought I was ridiculous but I didn’t care. Ren’s first birthday was Saturday and I threw him a first birthday pawty. Yup, I’m that girl.

But before you roll your eyes and call me crazy, (I’m sure you probably already did.) I’d like to tell you the story of why he totally deserved it.

This guy came into our lives totally unexpected after we lost our 10-month-old Doak. We were all truly heartbroken and lost. As soon as I saw that adorable little split face I knew he was going to be mine, Jeff wasn’t ready but I convinced him. Now he is a spoiled daddy’s boy. He was just what our family needed after a horrible loss and he has brought so much joy and happiness to our life. That my friends is why he got a special 1st birthday party! 


Our Doak

The Pawty 

The Sneaky Beagle is a new local restaurant right around the corner from us that is dog-friendly. We have taken Ren a few times before and he loved the Crabby Dog Eats food on the dog menu. I figured why not have his party there?! The Sneaky Beagle was happy to accommodate us, 15 humans and 5 fur friends on the back patio.

First Birthday Pawty

The Cake

Crabby Dog Eats already works with The Sneaky Beagle to provide the food for the dog menu so I asked if they would want to make a cake for Ren, they said of course and they did not disappoint! All the dogs enjoyed the cake and wanted more! 

First Birthday Pawty

It was a fun party and the pups had fun playing with each other! 

First Birthday Pawty

First Birthday PawtyFirst Birthday PawtyFirst Birthday PawtyFirst Birthday PawtyFirst Birthday PawtyFirst Birthday Pawty


And last but not least a first birthday isn’t complete without a first birthday photo shoot! Thanks to Custom Printables NY for the customized dog birthday chalkboard for Ren! It was the perfect touch for his photos.

First Birthday Pawty

First Birthday Pawty

It was a perfect party for our perfect boy! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate our big boy and a special thanks to The Sneaky Beagle and Crabby Dog Eats for the amazing accommodations and delicious cake!

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