Give Your Child Freedom With dokiPal

Give your children freedom while you keep an eye on them with dokiPal, the world’s first 4G LTE Watch from Dokitec!


My daughter is growing up and I have to try to trust her to make the right choices. She has been asking for cell phone service on her phone that is currently only used with WiFi. Cell phone service will connect her to people I don’t know and people I don’t want her to communicate with. Having a phone with service also creates addicting distractions. Thankfully, there is an alternative to giving her a phone with service. The dokiPal smartwatch, the world’s first 4G LTE watch that is designed to keep children and parents in touch with each other. 

Keep in contact 

The dokiPal is the perfect way to not only be in constant contact with your child but to give yourself peace of mind. Parents and children can keep in touch through phone and video calling capabilities. 


Phones with service should be regarded as a privilege. That’s the responsibility of growing up. In my opinion, my 10-year-old isn’t responsible enough to have a phone where she can send and receive text messages and apps on the internet. I love that the dokiPal watch blocks unknown phone numbers, and contacts can only be set using the Doki App. As a parent, this is great because it just offers great peace of mind. 


There are so many features on the dokiPal watch. It comes equipped with a camera, which allows her to video call me, take fun photos, send me messages, voice notes, and she’s even able to track her steps. One of my favorite features on the watch is that I can use the Doki App on my iPhone to see where she is and communicate with her through the watch. 

I can also set events and reminders to let her know about upcoming tasks and can program notifications for when she steps out of a preset area. I personally love the watch because not only am I able to communicate with her, but I can also track her location, which is perfect for when she’s getting off the bus or out riding her bike. 

I’m so glad there is a watch that provides all of these amazing features for children and parents. Thank you Dokitec for giving us parents an extra peace of mind that we have all been needing! 

This post is sponsored by Dokitec but as always all opinions are my own. 

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