Shopping and Saving with Style Encore

I am all for reselling my daughter’s clothing as they grow so fast.  But, did you know that there is a store that does the same with OUR clothes mamas?? Style Encore owned by the same company as Once Upon a Child and Plato’s Closet. With up to 90% off regular retail prices and the chance for cash on the spot when you sell to them, you get the opportunity to shop and save!! Two of my favorite things!!

We recently visited our local Style Encore here in Myrtle Beach and did some shopping of our own! 

Shopping at Style Encore 

My oldest daughter is 12 which means she can fit into adult size clothing so she was so excited about this shopping trip because it was pretty much all focused on her! She picked out tons of cute, trendy items to start school with and was so thrilled about what she found! 

Style Encore

Easy as 1, 2, 3 

Buying and selling at Style Encore are literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

NO. 1

Bring in your stylish, gently used clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories.

NO. 2

We’ll select pieces that fit our store’s current needs and styles while you shop.

NO. 3

We’ll make you an offer on the selected items, and you’ll go home with cash!

Consignment at Style Encore

Style Encore will purchase your gently used, in style and on-trend clothing, shoes, and accessories for cash on the spot! No waiting to see if it sells….Cash, in hand. Then, they turn around and sell it for a fraction of what it would cost new! 

Style Encore pays cash on the spot for your gently used clothing and accessories. They buy and sell both designer items, as well as those that we all wear! 

Style Encore

So this weekend while you are trying to get everything in place for the start of school, take a few minutes and flip through your closet. If you don’t wear it, it’s clean, in good condition and recent style, get it out! Take it to them! Get some cash and buy yourself something pretty! My daughters and I are heading to Charleston for the weekend and I am taking a huge tote of clothing to resell at the Charleston store and I’m excited to see what goodies I can find there!!

Thank you Style Encore for a fun day of shopping with my girls!

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