Transform your boat with TurboSwing

School may be back in session but that doesn’t mean Summer is over yet, especially not here in South Carolina. Some of our best memories this Summer have been made on our boat with our TurboSwing and my family is definitely not ready for the fun to end any time soon!


My daughters were both so bummed that they couldn’t get towed on an inflatable when we finally got a boat. But now thanks to TurboSwing they can!

What is TurboSwing?

It is a tow bar that can be installed on the motor bracket using just two holders and the bracket bolts, without needing to remove the outboard motor. The TurboSwing elevates the tow rope above the wake, provides smooth consistent pulls, and can improve towing power! It can be mounted to virtually any outboard powered boat as well!


The tow rope quickly snaps to a pulley on the tow bar which enables the rope to smoothly travel from side to side resulting in less effort and better performance for those being towed! And yes you can even pull multiple riders simultaneously! The girls love their towable tubes from Wow Water Sports, and you can even purchase them when you order a TurboSwing to make it even easier!


The installation process is very simple, my husband installed it in less than an hour by himself, while I sat and watched with a beer.


The TurboSwing can also be removed with ease as well. This was something my husband was concerned about. We store our boat in our garage and believe me it’s a tight fit! But the TurboSwing is easily removed when we are finished using the boat for the day!


The girls are loving it, and I love it! We can’t wait to use it for years to come!! This is definitely the best way to set your boat up for towing inflatables and wake-boarders!

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