Four Years Later | Our Master Bedroom is Finally Finished!

I knew when we built this house that I wanted our master bedroom to be completely different than any other room. I wanted it to be our space, romantic and relaxing. The decor says all that but at 2 am when you have a 120 lb Great Dane flopping around in bed with you the romance is pretty much out the window. But I am happy to say after four years of living here our master bedroom is finally complete! 

Four Years Later

As with everything the kids’ rooms were first and then I did a full living room makeover, it was finally time to move on to our bedroom. We have done a few things here and there but never fully committed to finishing the entire room! I have looked forward to this day for so long…four years to be exact. I finished the far left corner a few months ago when I turned that empty space into my office area, you can see the transformation here. Now the rest of the room is finished and ready for us to enjoy!


This was really just a case of just decorating, styling and painting. We already had a great bed and furniture we just needed the rest of the room to come to life and make it our own! The one thing I knew I wanted when I started the room was a bright white comforter set! I found the perfect set from Lush Decor. It is extremely soft, functional and stylish all at the same time! 

Pretty much everything else I have found randomly while shopping at HomeGoods, Target or Hobby Lobby. I knew the walls were going to be purple and I wanted to do some accents of gold as well. Whenever I was out shopping and I saw something that caught my eye I grabbed it.

We are extremely pleased with how it all came together. I feel we were able to create a relaxing space we had hoped for!

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