VSCO Girls and VSCO Hangouts….Sksksksk

Now that we have all been schooled on what a VSCO girl is I have also been informed that a true VSCO girl has a VSCO hangout. 


How did I not know this?! Insert eye roll. 

First Things First

Like I said before I’m all for the this trend but that doesn’t mean I went out and totally remodeled my daughter’s bedroom to keep her up to date on this trend. Brynna already had a little corner in her room she used for reading that we created when we made over her room last year.  But of course, we had to VSCO it up. 


Like the VSCO girl, the hangout decor is laid back and carefree with a beach/boho vibe. A VSCO hangout or corner (which is what we created) can actually be very inexpensive and easy to accomplish. 

VSCO Hangout Decor 

The boho hammock chair came from Joss & Main for under $30.00! I found the fuzzy rug at Target on clearance for $6.98! All the pictures were previously in Brynna’s room and the prints came from Fin First. If you have a VSCO girl in your life go check out this amazing shop, they have hand-drawn beach themed decor and apparel that your girl will love! I even have a discount code for you to use! BEACHES20 will save you 20% off your order!!


Lighting is a must. Adding string lights or neon lights it a must-have for the hangout. String lights are simple and cheap. Remember it’s all about the right aesthetic. 

Plants, of course not REAL plants. Fake plants, preferably succulents. Add in some scrunchies and shell necklaces for good measure. I got this gold shelf from Target for $9.99 and it’s perfect to hold her books that she is currently reading! 


As I’m sure you know all VSCO girls are environmentally conscious, Brynna had to hang her artwork she made from trash she collected on the beach. Remember “Save the turtles” 


So there you have it, a trend I can get down with also comes with the cutest little boho hangout space for my daughter to read and relax in. I think I need one of these spaces in my bedroom. VSCO mom hangout, but we get wine. I’m here for it!


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