Social Media Vs. Reality | Concert Style

Yes, my social media is a highlight reel. I know you are totally shocked right? 

Social Media Vs. Reality

Remember it isn’t ALL real life. I woke up this morning to get ready for work to see I have a comment on a blog post from when we went to see Scotty McCreery at House of Blues last year. It really got me thinking about social media vs. reality. 

“These aren’t real pictures meant to excitedly get close to people who have created art you care deeply about. They are photos meant to show you do VIP things, get close to the talent and to make people think you are living a life more glamorous or exciting.”

Real Life

I don’t know about you but these pictures couldn’t be any more “real” than they are. All I can see is a girl who is extremely happy with a giant genuine smile!

Highlight Reel

“Your daughter isn’t feeling some real moments.  She is coming in on free passes, strolling up to meet and greets, getting pics with the talent, merch, getting on stage.”

Free passes, one time. And this was our view FYI.

The rest of the images in that particular blog post involved me going through the crowd to take them, getting pushed and shoved the whole way I might add. We have paid for, won and stood in lines or at the stage for hours like everyone else. We have bought merch from our favorite artists EVERY single show. Do you think Chase Rice pulled my daughter on stage because he knew who we were? Seriously? My daughter had the time of her life that night, sang along to every song with him and was so happy to be there, and THAT is why he brought her on stage.  I didn’t even have this blog when that happened so yeah no ‘VIP” treatment there. 


“I would rather get a different take on your experiences at shows. So far it seems to me that a big focus for you is the photo aspect and making sure the shirts stand out and it’s all to gain a little more traction on social media and send more traffic here and I get it.” 

You want a different take well here ya go. Real-life. The artists have no clue who my daughter and I are. When we get in the audience we are the same. Even with “Ultimate” VIP at CCMF that we WON we were still the same as everyone else. They didn’t know we won anything and if you sir knew anything about concerts/artists you would know that. 


“Deep down you know good and well those song lyrics on the shirts for “Ball Cap” wasn’t done organically. It was a way to seek to stand out more and to then maybe draw more attention from Dylan Scott and then hope to draw more attention online as the other mommies comment how “stinkin cute those shirts are while being secretly jealous they aren’t doing the same things.”

The show with Dylan Scott and “Ball Cap” shirts. Are you referring to the one I drove 10 hours to spend the weekend with my best friend after losing my grandfather and our 10-month-old Great Dane? That is real-life. Real-life issues and I chose a concert with my best friend, my daughter, and her son as a way to heal. We paid by the way just in case you were curious, paid for tickets, gas, hotel room, even “the stinkin’ cute shirts.” We bought our meet and greets like everyone else who had them and the kids were counting down to see him! All 3 of them were so pumped! 

Am I taking photos of us standing in the sun for hours? Nope. What I post at concerts is pretty much as real as it’s going to get.  Honestly, if we even get good pictures and videos we just get lucky. Our phones are usually dead by the end of the night so you truly have NO clue what concert life is like for us. We don’t try to get a certain place for anything but the experience. There are no ushers taking us to our spot. We have to stand there for hours like everyone else. I wish I had it like that though. After waiting that long to see the artists of course we are going to take pictures up that close! Who wouldn’t?!



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