The Season of the Big Kid

I realized today that I am officially a mom of “big kids”….okay, I know you’re probably thinking “you are just now realizing this?” Of course not. But for someone reason today it really stood out to me. Maybe now that we are into a somewhat normal daily routine, it really gave me time to myself. I remember when I had an infant and two-year-old thinking to myself that these days seemed so far away. But we are here right in the middle what I am calling “The Season of the Big Kid” 

The Season of the Big Kid

Tween parents you know what I mean. Our kids are no longer cute little toddlers who we can post a picture on Facebook with a face filled with markers.

Instead, we have middle schoolers who we can barely get to smile let alone be okay with you posting it on Facebook. We have kids who ride their bikes to their friend’s house and have a curfew instead of us chasing them around the playground. We don’t have to sit and feed them in their high chairs or clean up food that they have thrown on the floor. We don’t have to get juice boxes or snacks in a bowl with a lid. We don’t have to strap them into the cart at Target and try to occupy them the entire time we are shopping. 

The house isn’t as loud as it once was. The crying is few and far between and it’s usually just hormone-related tears these days. The tears while are sometimes very dramatic, they are mostly very real and need our attention. They are not like the toddler tears where they would cry over not being able to wear their favorite pink rain boots. There is still chaos in the house, but now the chaos is acne, braces, and attitudes. A lot of attitudes.

For Everything, There is a Season

Some days I yearn for that tiny baby, but honestly, I am glad that phase is behind us. I do cheer for friends announcing their pregnancies and beg for dibs on those newborn snuggles!

Every season in life has both negative and positive meanings. I love watching my girls grow up and become more and more independent every day. They walk to the bus stop alone, get up and get ready for school on their own, even get showers without being asked! That’s probably the thing I’m most surprised about! They are involved in activities that they love and are really finding what their purpose is in this crazy world.

The Season of the Big KidThe Season of the Big Kid

The Season of the Big Kid

I’m not saying this “season” isn’t hard. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies y’all don’t get me wrong. But it’s time to stop moving from one phase to another before we’ve truly learned to appreciate the one we’re in. My big kids teach me patience, amaze me with their independence and humble me every single day with their compassion and kindness. They still give me a hug, kiss and say “I love you” before bedtime. I am loving the season of the big kid and am going to embrace it because I’m not ready for the teenager season just yet.



  1. Shannon Roeber says:

    I love this as a mom of a big kid too! Time is flying and I’m trying to enjoy every minute!!

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