Tween Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

Easter is right around the corner and now is the time to start thinking about putting together Easter baskets! Today, I’m going to share some basket ideas for tween girls! Big kids still love the excitement of a basket full of goodies too!

Tween Easter Baskets

Tween Easter Basket Ideas

I love putting together baskets. When it comes to the actual baskets, I like to go for something that the girls can actually use after the holiday. Bogg Bags are the perfect Easter “basket” and since we live at the beach the girls can use these bags to take to the beach or pool!

The Baby Bogg Bag is the smaller size of the Original Bogg Bag.  It’s washable, durable, stylish, customizable, and perfect for your next adventure! The tip-proof, ribbed bottom helps keep your Baby Bogg Bag upright and ready to use. The quality is amazing and the size is great for a tween girl!

Crafts and Things To Do

Since this Easter is definitely a lot different due to COVID-19 the girls will be getting a lot of “things to do” in their baskets this year. We desperately need some fun activities and crafts for them to do and Fashion Angels have so much to choose from!

Bunny Clay Kit is an adorable clay kit to create your own kissing bunny complete with a kissing booth and carrots.

Unicorn Yoga A fun card game to play indoors or out. Spin the wheel and assume the poses. Nice way to get the kids off of the electronics!

They have a ton of different craft kits and friendship bracelet kits to choose from as well!

Most of the girls’ baskets were stuffed with fun items from Fashion Angels. If you are shopping for a tween girl this is definitely where you need to head! Here are some more items I’m adding to their baskets!

Tween Easter Basket

Summer Essentials 

The girls’ Easter baskets usually include some Summer essentials. I included a new beach towel this year from Target. Sometimes I will do swimsuits and when they were smaller I used sand toys to fill the basket as well! It’s nice to add items they can use for the Summer that I’m going to end up purchasing anyway. 

Other Goodies

Succulents are definitely a hot item right now, I found them for $1.00 at Target.

Bunny face masks from Target was a great find as well. Southern Candle Studio here in Myrtle Beach has personalized candles which I love, the girls saw mine and immediately wanted one. They have their name and a description of them on the label. It’s a fun item to add to their basket, who doesn’t love something personalized? I added a few of their favorite candies but usually try to stay away from adding too much.

I hope you like this list of cool tween Easter basket gift ideas. Have a Happy Easter!

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